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The New Brunswick labour market time bomb

Believe it or not I continue to have a hard time convincing some influential people that we have a serious and growing labour shortage problem.  They will say what about the 10 percent unemployment rate?  What about the fact we … Continue reading

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A closer look at labour market availability and economic growth

It must be frustrating to be working for the provincial government and trying to convince the federal government of the need for a step change in the number of immigrants to New Brunswick. They are haggling over “a few hundred … Continue reading

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PS: Michael Horgan, don’t forget the other reason

I see the province has retained Michael Horgan, who helped design the federal government’s budget deficit reduction strategy in the early 1990s, to assist in helping the NB government slay what they are now calling a $400 million ‘structural’ deficit. … Continue reading

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Should government decide which industries win or lose?

  I had a good conversation with a policy guy before Christmas who advocates in favour of the feds tightening TFW and immigration to New Brunswick.  In his view, in conjunction with tightening EI access, this will force more seasonal … Continue reading

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