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A more intelligent export strategy

The government announced its new and anticipated export strategy this week and I wrote some thoughts about it in my Telegraph-Journal column this morning.  I awoke to an email criticizing my views and suggesting that I don’t understand the purpose … Continue reading

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New myths and new myth makers

Below is my TJ column from earlier this week.  I have been really struggling to craft a coherent position on EI reform.  One the one hand, I was calling for a similar type of reform that is now in place.   … Continue reading

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Hugo’s New Brunswick Legacy

I see Hugo Chavez passed away.  Someone, somewhere is concocting a conspiracy theory.  The Americans must have done it. Anyway, I suspect most New Brunswickers have forgot about Hugo’s gift to New Brunswick back early in his reign.  He cancelled … Continue reading

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ICYMI: The demise of New Brunswick’s Mad Men (and women)

I’m not sure why this bugs me so much but it does.  I really dislike the fact that New Brunswick’s advertising and PR business is so piddly compared to everywhere else in Canada.  Below is a recent column I wrote … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Not your father’s Fredericton

From a recent TJ column: If I asked you to give a thumbnail sketch of the Fredericton economy, you might be tempted to say it is “a government town”. While public administration remains a vital part of the regional economy … Continue reading

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