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Graham cracker crumbs…

Someone asked for my thoughts on the departing Shawn Graham.  I have mixed views on the Graham government.  On the one hand, I thought a number of their initiatives would have been important contributions to renovating New Brunswick.  But they … Continue reading

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Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of…. debate!

Happy to be debating my fellow economic development thinker Yves Bourgeois at the Let’s Debate NB dialogue put on by 21 Inc. next week. I suspect that we will not have diametrically opposed views on most of the issues we … Continue reading

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Fracking fluid? Bottom’s up

Someone asked me to comment on the new oil and gas rules released by the government today. As I have said many times I am not the guy for that.  I read them over and it seems they have tried … Continue reading

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Take the NB heath quiz: where are the biggest boozers?

To the snarky guy who made fun of my TJ byline that states “writes a daily blog”, here’s the math.  3205 original blog posts here since October 2004.  Roughly 3,045 days since I started the blog. Or, an average of … Continue reading

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Don Mills the Just

Everyone’s favourite pollster is doing the rounds in the Maritimes pitching a fresh view on urban and rural development.  He has adopted what would be called in religious terms a fundamentalist view of urban/rural development as he now defines urban … Continue reading

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Research vs. innovation vs. start-ups

The Premier announced (re-announced?) the government’s innovation strategy – which will be anchored by a new Research and Innovation Council co-chaired by a good pick – Geoff Flood from T4G.    I am a bit confused by the mandate of this … Continue reading

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