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Guns, Germs & Steel – along with lessons for Atl. Canada

I just listened to an excellent podcast featuring Jared Diamond and his latest publication Natural Experiments of History. Diamond is the guy who wrote Guns, Germs & Steel and another book I read called Collapse -both highly entertaining and informative. … Continue reading

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Equalization will wither

When I first went to the States in 1985 to university as a 17 year old freshman, I remember having long talks with political science majors in the dorm late into the night.  I remember thinking some of the crazy … Continue reading

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Musings on sustainability, values, etc.

One of the stranger aspects of the NB Power deal is watching committed environmentalists fighting hard against a proposal that will move the province from 63% of its electricity production from burning fossil fuels to zero within 10 years (it … Continue reading

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Groundhog day in Northern NB?

Somebody invoked that classic Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day yesterday in our conversation about the new northern NB strategy.  Just another plan, another credenza creature while Rome burns. Obviously I have a tainted view here but I think this one … Continue reading

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Is there a law of diminishing returns on entrepreneurship?

Thomas Friedman is calling on President Obama to create a million new entrepreneurs as a way to rebuild an innovative economy and grow out the recession. But as we have talked about here on multiple ocassions – can you just … Continue reading

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New economic development strategy for the North

I like this new strategy – it is clear in its objectives and I think the opportunities identified have merit – the real challenge will be marshalling the resources needed to get it done. There are a couple of very … Continue reading

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A refreshed social contract

It’s a broad topic and I won’t cover it in detail today but I have been thinking lately that we need a new social contract between the business community and government. You will excuse me if I seem a bit incoherent … Continue reading

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A grand old fashioned industrial policy

The Globe & Mail is reporting on a new deal between the Ontario government and Samsung: South Korean industrial giant Samsung Group will invest $7-billion in Ontario to build 2,500 megawatts of wind and solar power. Samsung and the Korea … Continue reading

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What ever happened to micropayments?

Sometimes I really do feel old.  I remember over a decade ago – probably more like 12-13 years ago researching micropayments and how that would be the future of Web-based transactions. I see that the NYT is looking to charge … Continue reading

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No New Brunswick cities on the ICF list this year

Two years ago Moncton and Fredericton were on the ICF list of top seven intelligent communities – now there are none.  Someone told me the short list of 20 communities was very strong this year and that is why Moncton  may … Continue reading

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