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Big deal

My comments in the Montreal Gazette this a.m.   While unfortunate, I do think that some people (hopefully not the opposition) will try and whip up anti-Quebec and anti-French rhetoric to try and scuttle the NB Power deal.   I hope there … Continue reading

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On NB Power again

Someone told me yesterday that this whole deal was cooked up by a bunch of large industrial users looking to get cheap Quebec power. Yeah.  So what? It always amazes me when people broadly cast the average Joe Q Public … Continue reading

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Pothier and clarity

It seems like a lot of former Bernard Lord associates have done quite well for themselves.  I gues that whole breach of personal privacy didn’t hurt Chisholm Pothier that much. Anyway, Pothier brings a point of clarity to the Equalization … Continue reading

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Business or pleasure?

This is kind of interesting.  Statistics Canada has tabulated the air traffic volume to/from Canadian and U.S. cities.  NYC and Toronto, understandably, is the most used route.  Halifax’s top paired destinations are NYC, Orlando, Boston and Washington.  Moncton makes the … Continue reading

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Reflex-ology New Brunswick style

I have been watching this whole NB Power drama unfold with great interest. The media and punditry reaction has been expected – I am actually quite pleased with David Alward’s comments – this would have been a convenient time to … Continue reading

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Ontario enhances the digital media tax credits for large video game developers

Ontario has announced enhancements to its digital media tax credits which supports large, specialized video game developers that are developing eligible interactive digital media games in the province. The tax credit provides certified game developers that incur at least $1 … Continue reading

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How to build a value prop

As you know my two big themes in economic development these days are value proposition and networks.  The latter builds the former.   If you realize that creating an environment where an industry can prosper requires dozens if not hundreds of … Continue reading

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Those heady, exciting times

At the JA Business Hall of Fame dinner on Tuesday night I asked a couple of my colleagues to answer a question:  When you look back on this time in New Brunswick (after retirement), what will be your recollections?  Will … Continue reading

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Avis and the stereotypes

“I’m shocked, shocked to find there is gambling going on in here.” Upon hearing the news that Avis is closing a 220 person call centre in Fredericton, here is the reaction of Liberal MLA T.J. Burke. Federicton-Nashwaaksis MLA T.J. Burke … Continue reading

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The long term view

Sometimes it takes an outsider to crystalize things on an issue.  I spent an hour this afternoon talking with a U.S. researcher who is studying efforts to lure jobs and investment from one province to another in Canada.  We were … Continue reading

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