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What is Equalization?

We have dicussed this ad nauseum on this blog over the past few years but I still think that it remains a valid question.  To some, Equalization is a perfectly legitimate – and if you remember former Premier Lord’s fiery … Continue reading

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I love the spin. It’s an art form. It really is.

I love government spin.  It’s fun: From Bloomberg: New Brunswick had its debt rating cut by one level to Aa2 by Moody’s Investors Service Ltd. because the Canadian province will record a “sizable” increase in its borrowing over four years, … Continue reading

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An instructive example

Somebody sent me this. Oregon Looks to Clean Tech for Revival The Oregon Business Development Department’s network of about 45 economic-development officials has more than doubled the time spent reaching out to clean-tech companies since 2008, said Bruce Laird, clean-tech … Continue reading

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Walk down memory lane

The Miramichi Leader is running a series of stories on the area’s history and this one is entitled The timber industry becomes a driving force in the Miramichi (19th Century).  I wonder when historians are writing about this period what will … Continue reading

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The ostrich sticks his head out of the sand for a pronouncement

There is an article today in the TJ where a Fredericton businessman worries the “province risks losing its head offices as business leaders look abroad for companies to acquire their firms.” This is not as cut and dry as some … Continue reading

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UNB and computer science

I may be just getting old so allow an old geezer a reflection.  When I was finishing high school and doing the obligatory review of potential universities I distinctly remember UNB positioning itself as one of Canada’s top computer science … Continue reading

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Minnesota: All Growed Up

Look at Minnesota all growed up and playing with the big boys.  It seems to me that Minnesota has a little New Brunswick look and feel.  Cold, lots of huntin’ and fishin’ – lots of skeeters.  Maybe we can learn … Continue reading

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West Virginia North?

I know this is an old report but I doubt the numbers have changed that much. I pull it out everytime some smart pundit or politicians worries that New Brunswick could end up like Alabama or West Virginia (like this … Continue reading

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Is beer economic development?

I had a lively chat a few years ago when Molson announced they would be putting a plant in Moncton (with a large grant from the province).  The person I was discussing this with was insistent that it wasn’t economic … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial risk vs. bad business practices

I had an interesting talk today with someone about this issue of celebrating failure.  I have said in the past, and many others as well, that we need to be a society that encourages entrepreneurial risk – particularly in the … Continue reading

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