Zooming in on aerospace, defence

The TJ is running a story today about the potential of the aerospace and defence market for New Brunswick firms.   This story has been repeated like a mantra for as long as I can remember.  One of the best indicators of success in this industry is exports.   Certainly, there are other indicators but this is a good one.  New Brunswick’s aerospace products and parts exports are a fraction of Nova Scotia and even Newfoundland and infinitesimal compared to everyone else except SK.  And for the most part the trend hasn’t been upward.

At some point, I’d like some clear indication of where all this growth is coming from.   I agree with the concept and think there is serious opportunity but we need to more than play on the fringes of at least a few key industries if we want to see breakthrough economic growth in this province.

Aerospace Products and Parts Manufacturing (2008 Exports)


 $   7,656,767,590





British Columbia




Prince Edward Island


Nova Scotia


Newfoundland and Labrador


New Brunswick




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3 Responses to Zooming in on aerospace, defence

  1. Samonymous says:

    “Whenever government is spending money, we want our share of the pie,”

    beggars can’t be choosers.

    Let me rephrase that, a region with a small political base/few seats (and declining population), can’t be choosers of government contracts.

    Or at least historically (other then the early years of DREE) they can’t.

  2. On the other hand, the flight training school in Moncton is a success we can build on, so far as I can tell.

  3. anonymoose says:

    off-topic but I though it was interesting –

    Dell axed a bunch of french-language jobs in Ottawa and moved them to Morocco.

    French speakers are one of the few competitive advantages we have here, if this becomes a trend you gotta wonder what Moncton will look like in 10 years.


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