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Lessons from Northern Ireland

It’s dangerous to comment on economic development elsewhere and draw some learnings for New Brunswick because there are inevitably folks around that have a disparate view.   But at the risk of that, I’ll say that I am reasonably impressed with … Continue reading

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The gravy train

The Telegraph Journal ran a story yesterday detailing the spending from a northern New Brunswick development fund.  It chronicled how funds were used to build statues, renovate historic train cabooses and renovate golf course clubhouses.  It was one of those … Continue reading

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Energy and telecom corridor

Someone who knows about such things told me the other day that someone should tack on telecommunications infrastructure to that energy corridor into the United States idea.  If the right of way is given for pipelines and electricity transmission lines why … Continue reading

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Primus Canada adding 113 new jobs at contact centre in Edmundston

Anybody know the salary levels at Primus?  I think increasingly we need to focus on the quality of the jobs (i.e. wages, benefits, career pathing, etc.) and not just the quantity of jobs.  Certainly Edmundston needs good jobs so I … Continue reading

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Tweeting economic development

I am officially Twittering these days.  If you want to be tweeted with economic development snippits feel free to follow.  Just search for Jupia – you should find me.

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Reimagine Rural

When ‘rural’ means only 14% of your population like it does in Ontario, looking at rural development is a relatively small scale issue (not to downplay its importance) but when it is 47% of your population as in New Brunswick, … Continue reading

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d’Aquino’s hidden agenda

I completely understand former Premier Frank McKenna’s positive reaction to the tax cuts in the most recent Liberal budget.  Frank has always relished his role as Salesman in Chief for New Brunswick and now he has another tool to go … Continue reading

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Energy Corridor

Someone asked me why I haven’t commented yet on the Irving feasibility study for an energy corridor connecting New Brunswick with Maine.  So here goes. I think it seems like a great idea.  It should create good paying jobs and … Continue reading

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Musing on the media

The media’s approach to covering economic data can be confusing.  It has been a fascinating thing to watch over the years.  The release of provincial budgets over the past week or so is an excellent case in point.  New Brunswick … Continue reading

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John Thompson back at EGM

It’s back to the future at Enterprise Greater Moncton.  Former CEO John Thompson is back and starting in the job on Tuesday.

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