What’s up with Steve Murphy?

One thing about Maritimers – say what you will – but we are known to be people that stand by our words (more or less). ATV’s Steve Murphy telling Dion he wouldn’t run the outtakes of the interview and then going ahead and running it is dirty pool. I was in my car much of the day and the call in shows were 90% angry with Murphy for lying. I don’t understand it. That guy has incredible goodwill with Maritimers. To blow it like that. Hmmm.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    TV Networks are currently in the Fall rating period. CTV made a decision to broadcast the full interview – I suspect Murphy had very little say in the matter.

    Furthermore, Murphy agreed to restart the interview but he did not agree to discard the video footage.

    It made for great television…

  2. Harold Jarche says:

    Mainstream media – anything to get the ratings up and get more advertisers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey censor this stuff will you.Your world qualified!
    Except when it comes to your charles leblanc type spin.Its a sneaky type of “lying”.

  4. David Campbell says:

    I’ll just remind you of the rules. I don’t censor anything but profanity and what I consider to be completely tasteless and your attacks on the French language and people are tasteless. If you are the same person, I have posted your comments when then were full of less invective.

  5. nbt says:

    I thought it was a petty, low grade story. Not only did Murphy look bad in airing it, Mike Duffy looked even worse by getting upset when people questioned his journalistic integrity for legitimizing it on his show.

  6. nbt says:

    Although, as much as I was unimpressed by Mike Duffy, I thought Geoff Reagan’s response was much worse in defense of Dion.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Man censoring is great eh,lol
    I mean if you can’t hold your own, censor!
    A little boys trick,but of course the little boy don’t have many friends.
    3 posters after years.
    Why you have so much free time??
    Harper won’t be offering you work,will he?lolol

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I know I’m late in commenting on this post.

    The fact is that Steve Murphy had no say in showing this video. It was a decision made my higher-ups in CTV. How do I know? Because I emailed ATV and got a response back to that effect. CTV is a known Conservative network, hence the Mike Duffy bias as well.

    Steve Murphy has been missing in action a lot lately; I hope he is looking for a better job, one where he is able to maintain his journalistic integrity.

    Oh, and the MOST IMPORTANT THING illustrated by this story is that WE CAN NEVER ALLOW THE PRIVATIZATION OF THE CBC. That is all we have left.

    As an aside–has anyone else noticed how Andrew Coyne has changed since he moved from the National Post to MacLeans? Once just a Conservative mouthpiece, he has moved on to some pretty decent journalism.