Protesting students

Hey look! A bunch of students protesting the lack of serious economic development in New Brunswick and the lack of economic opportunity for them in their home province! Finally.

Just kidding.

I guess they are protesting cuts to the cultural spending. I guess that is a whole lot more important than the continued out-migration of our youth to the rest of Canada.

One of the little ironies here – and there are so many – is that the vast – vast majority of this cultural spending takes place in Ontario and Quebec. There are a few crumbs thrown down here but government-level spending on culture in New Brunswick is the second lowest in Canada. The feds spend double per capita on culture in Quebec compared to New Brunswick and 58% more in Ontario.

I am sure that Daulton McGuinty appreciates those poor students in front of Harrison Trimble High School in Moncton protesting against those culture funding cuts that will mostly be felt in Ontario but don’t expect it to change his attempts to deeply cut the equalization program.

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  1. nbt says:

    That’s right, David. You can’t have an arts scene without an economy. The same goes for those who tout the environment in our region as the be all end all. It’s nice and all, but what about the self-sufficiency of the next generation of folks in this region?

    However, if it makes environmentalist feel good, our region will soon be reduced to a wasteland with no people and where horses and squirrels run free. A mecca so to speak.

  2. mikel says:

    Come on guys, how many protestors did you scrape together to go there? David has pointed out the figures in the past showing that arts and culture is virtually the ONLY part of the economy that is gaining permanent workers.

    So as Florida would say, the reverse of what you say is true -you can’t have an economy without culture.

    There is LOTS of industrialization going on in NB, we know that. That ‘mecca’ will include two oil refineries with little of the profits going to the province, a couple new factories-but apparantly fewer workers at Moosehead. Another nuclear plant and more good news there is that in addition to having the facilities to treat soil waste, the province will become home to NUCLEAR waste. All thanks to economic ‘progress’.

    But by all means you guys keep slinging those arrows at environmentalists and the kids interested in culture (isn’t animation a cultural industry?). Fortunately it seems the next generation has better instincts and is more open minded than the current one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is an interesting idea; an anti self sufficiency agenda where we become even more dependent on federal transfers and count on the generosity and tolerence of prosperous provincial economies to support us.

    Imagine a province where everyone works for the government and we drive away those evil capitalists. Wait a minute, didn’t someone try that in the former USSR?