21inc Ideas Festival

I am participating in a panel discussion at the 21inc. Ideas Festival that will be held in early November in St. Andrews. I got an email from the coordinator asking me to feel free to invite folks in my network that could benefit from this event.

There are a few folks that post to this blog that have interesting ideas and I think might benefit from participating in this event. It’s $295 – but some of you might want to check it out. If you do go, look me up. It would be good to put some faces to names – even the pervasive anonymous.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    lolol,well I’m not one of them.The other two might.lol
    Man,oh man,oh,man

  2. David Campbell says:

    Now, don’t be hurtful. You know there are seven people that read this blog.

  3. Rob says:

    $295 ($395 after Oct 15) is fairly expensive for what appears to be a network aimed at younger people. That being said, it looks like an impressive line-up.

  4. Gawain says:

    Of all the events you choose to participate in you choose this colossal waste of time. “New Brunswick is like one big family”, “it’s time to New Brunswick begins fulfilling its potential through the dedication and ambition of those who choose to contribute”. What mind-numbing nonsense.

    At least ’60s love-ins had the benefit of reality-altering substances for that plausible deniability option later. This is precisely the sort of time-wasting that New Brunswick features to divert citizen attention from more serious matters. That the fossils at NBBC are sponsors is not a surprise. I hope you are being well paid.

    This will be my last participation in this blog.

  5. David Campbell says:

    I am not being paid and sorry to see you go.

  6. mikel says:

    Yes, I can imagine they said ‘feel free’ to invite people. I don’t think its a time waster, at least you may find new blog readers, and will see St. Andrews. But who is going to pay $500 or even $300 for such a thing? Don’t taxpayers float part of the bill for the algonquin? Why is it so expensive? That virtually guarantees that the only people there expressing ideas will be, well, those with the fewest of them:)

    But networking is important, I took a quick look at their blog, and there is some stuff there that I’m sure you won’t like, but networking is never a waste of time. This is the kind of stuff though that really reinforces how elitist the government is. This kind of thing should be open to everybody and this 21 inc stuff should be much more in the open rather than a select few going around getting fodder for their political careers.

  7. Trevor says:

    Happy to hear you’ll be there David! My cohorts have experienced first hand the challenges that exists in this province during our tour this summer and we look forward to sharing and discussing with others what we have learned about our province. More specifically, how do we take our experience and turn our ideas into action.

  8. richard says:

    “This will be my last participation in this blog.”

    Gee, I guess that means David will have to prevail upon Mean Stephen to advance the “culture of defeat” theory from now on.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This event may be worthwhile, but one suspects that casting the net much wider (i.e. making attendance free to all interested, communicating the objectives throughout the province, etc.) would support greater inclusivity. In fact, given the deep pockets of the NB biz council, couldn’t this event be completely subsidized? The faint odor of elitism does make me wonder what the purpose of this event really is.

    I am somewhat stunned that Gawain (as in the Green Knight??) would back out of this blog because of this. Too bad, I’ll miss his acerbic prose and terse commentary.

  10. Trevor says:

    BTW, 21inc is not a government program. GNB is a sponsor that’s it. The goal of the ideas festival is to create a Atlantic Canadian version of TED(http://www.ted.com/).

  11. Tim says:

    Glad this post created such a conversation!

    Rob, the event is not aimed just at the 20s/30s set, but everyone who cares about the region’s future. As an organization we (21inc) wanted to make sure that emerging leaders would have a voice in these discussions, which they usually don’t.

    As for the price, it may seem steep but it’s very cheap compared to anything similar. Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland was in Fredericton recently and her 90 minute talked costed $100. 2 hours with 4000 of your closest friends and Bill Clinton is the same. The Banff Forum is $700. IdeaCity in Toronto will run you over $2K. TED is over $4K. Membership in the World Economic Forum is $300K!

    I’m biased but believe the Festival is great value. Over time these events improve collaboration, energize innovation and idea sharing, and build relationships among stake holders across sectors.

    Thanks for letting me clear the air.