Want to know why reducing our dependency on Equalization (i.e. self-sufficiency) is a good objective? From the G&M this morning:

The Toronto-Dominion Bank projected four years of red ink, including a $10.4-billion hole in the 2008-2009 budget. TD chief economist Don Drummond said one cost pressure on federal coffers is the more generous equalization formula that the Harper Tories introduced in the 2007 budget.

It’s one thing for Daulton to complain about equalization. When the bank chief economists start getting on board, it could become problematic.

New Brunswick’s need for equalization continues to go up – year after year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And that will only get worse according to this persons perspective on how to succeed.

    French Education minister Mr. Xavier Darcos has declared that schools in France would henceforth offer extra lessons in English, during holidays, to allow the young French generation to master the language.

    Reason? Mr. Darcos says inability to speak the English language is a “handicap” since all international business is conducted in English. Sounds familiar?

    The French minister also observed that owing to globalization “very few people outside France will be able to speak French in the future”.

    And the French minister wasn’t done. To demonstrate that he was dead serious and that times have truly changed, Mr. Darcos announced that he was availing a budget to enable all French students study English, including kids from wealthy families whose parents have been paying for their English lessons abroad.

    “I am offering them (English lessons) to everyone right here”, vowed the French minister.