Reconstructionism and questionable historicity

I have been watching that HBO miniseries “John Adams” on TMN. I read the book it is based on and I have enjoyed the TV version equally.

However, I have to say that interpreting history is a bit tricky. The piece is set in the 1770s and it portrays the poor Massachusetts colonists as brutally surpressed by the British. You really feel for those poor farm boy colonists.

The problem is that just 15-20 years before those same poor Massachusetts colonists led the charge for the ethnic cleansing of the Acadians from Nova Scotia.

Funny thing, history.

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0 Responses to Reconstructionism and questionable historicity

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your a liar again.
    History is easy to find in your library.
    Unless your a french suckhole.If Britain had wanted to cleanse the dopes,they would have done it.
    You may want to apologize or get off the air.
    Your a bigger fool than first thought.

  2. David Campbell says:

    Thought the readers of the blog might like to see the kind of crap I get and usually don’t post.