Diving and Missing the Point

Unbelieveable. I don’t know what is more annoying. All the diving in the NHL these days or the Elections NB advertisments.

On the former, I remember three guys trying to take down Mark Messier and he dragged them along. You couldn’t knock down most of those old NHL stars with a bazooka. There were a few guys known for diving but it was almost a dishonourable thing to do. Now these guys – Crosby is the king of this – dive for a living. Sidney Crosby has the upper body strength of a horse but can collapse on cue. It’s tough to watch.

On the latter, I don’t know if you have seen these Elections NB advertisments promoting the importance of voting in local elections. They use cute skits to tell us all these reasons why we should vote – and the economy is not mentioned.

So much for alignment. Someone should call up Elections NB and say the primary reason to vote should be to put in a team of local leaders that can help make the community attractive for business investment and expansion.

It’s almost like any possible interest in economic development has been systematically bred out of the New Brunswick civil service – with the obvious exception of Business New Brunswick.

I still think this is a huge impediment to economic development. When you have the Deputy of the largest department of government disparaging any attempts to have her department think about economic development, when you have Elections NB listing all the important reasons to vote and the economy is not one of them and when you have NB Power not mentioning economic development or even hinting at it in their annual report – it’s a problem. A serious problem.

All of these institutions – at least in some small way – can have a positive impact.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The root of your frustration may lie in the answer to this question. Who do you think would have the best chance to get elected: 1) a government with an intelligent ED strategy and the demonstrated will to execute or 2) a government promising to improve EI and welfare benefits and prop up hand out programs in struggling areas with depressed/mature industries.

  2. richard says:

    The largest urban areas in NB are all growing, are they not? In these areas, there may be quite a few voters who think that their neighborhoods are growing too fast. That sounds astonishing, but if you have a stable job or a successful small business, how much more growth do you want to see? That growth can translate into traffic congestion and higher costs of living. These voters might be looking for the sort of ‘green’ candidates you were critical of in a recent post.

    The fact that the provincial increase in GDP is way too low does not really click for a lot of people, partly because the media does not really point out what that means. According to opinion polls, the main issue in the last election was health care. Of course, higher GDP growth could mean more money for health care, but that position is really presented to the public very often is it?