Amo la Fiat

Alfa Romeo, the Italian sports car best known as Dustin Hoffman’s runabout in The Graduate, is returning to North America, and Ontario is making a strong pitch to persuade the company to assemble cars in the province. Sources said the Ontario government has held a series of meetings in recent weeks with officials from Fiat Group, the Italian auto giant that owns Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati and other brands. “Ontario is aggressively selling itself,” said a source familiar with the talks.
Does anyone know if Greg Byrne is making a ‘strong pitch’ for this plant?



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0 Responses to Amo la Fiat

  1. nbt says:

    Not sure if this Fiat can fit on a golf tee. But if by chance it can, I’m sure Byrne et al. will definitely be in.

  2. Michael Arbow says:

    Ahhhh,… once again being a follower. let’s combine the energy hub idea and your idea.

    a norweigan car firm Think (once part of Ford) have developed and launched successfully an electric car (google it). they claim they are looking for somewhere in NA to set up. let’s lead the pact not follow. Get the electric car built near the energy hub. the firm believes with it’s factory kit, it can establish a factory anywhere in the world in 6 months start to finish.

    let mr. bryne get them on board. Atlantica awaits the electric car. catch the surf early, get a reputation for electric cars.