United we stand, divided we fal-ter

I just read about the ACOA mission to India. I am a fan of more cooperation among the four province when it comes to international marketing activities such as this. I know that some folks aren’t so keen on this and I respect their position. They say introducing another layer of geography between a province and a country – doesn’t really help. But if you look at England, they are marketing ‘regions’. If you look a the United States, you will find a number of regional initiatives.

But this region has a lot of common problems – ironically with the emergence of oil & gas there is a gap rising between NS/NL and NB/PEI – and I think cooperation really makes sense.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Greatest move to boost economy in 40 years,
    if it goes far enough.

    FREDERICTON – New Brunswick’s education minister is setting the groundwork for a total overhaul of French Second Language education that could include scrapping the early immersion program or injecting more French training in every classroom.

    The Commission on French Second Language Education handed in its final report to Education Minister Kelly Lamrock on Monday, who is now promising to take it to cabinet. Within the next two weeks Patricia Lee and Jim Croll, the review’s two commissioners, will make a formal announcement of their findings.

    The minister refused to confirm any of the 18 recommendations found in the 89-page report, but he did not shy away from warning the future French Second Language education landscape may look completely different than it does now.

  2. nbt says:

    I’m all for a trade mission to India or China (as well as more cooperation), but not under the guise of ACOA. Talk about a failed mission right out of the gate.