CBC Dalhousie Mill retrospective

A very good retrospective on the paper mill in Dalhousie on CBC. They really honed in on the importance of the mill and the impact of its closure. Heart rending stuff. They interviewed a number of people moving to Alberta.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the media was more thorough about a) what went wrong and b) what should be done.

Guiding principles:
1. The absolute worse time to take something like this on is after the mill closes.
2. You can’t replace mill jobs with tourism jobs or other lower end service jobs.
3. Large scale manufacturing plants are being sited all across North America. Food products, auto, aerospace, energy systems, biofuels, and yes, even wood products.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks in advance of your acceptance of this brilliant deduction.
    Would closure of these mills lessen the NB allowable pollution output.And would this and the taxpayer owned equalization payed windmill fun games,about equal the expected pollution output Irving has planned for us,this year?

  2. richard says:

    I heard a report on CBC radio earlier this week relating to manufacturing. The subject was a value-added wood manufacturer in Moncton. He is adding employers by selling high quality wood products to high end builders in the US and Europe. Despite the housing slowdown in the US his plant is expanding. In NB we tend to focus on raw material exports rather than adding value to our natural resources.

    You have mentioned the cluster approach to economic development a number of times. We have a forestry cluster in NB. Are we maximizing its value?