According to Corporate Research Associates, types of boomers seem to cluster together in certain parts of the country. Their study classified them into five categories:

-The Free Spirits of British Columbia
-Modern Altruists of the Prairies
-The Self-Reliants spread across the country
-Passive Conformists of Quebec
-The Jaded Fatalists in the Maritimes

The jaded fatalists?

That sounds like Don Mills’ opinion on the world – maybe his data backs him up.

Well, if Maritime boomers are jaded and fatalists – I still give them the nod over ‘modern altruists’. It’s a lot easier to be an altruist with all that oil money coming out your ears, n’est-ce-pas?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s a joke right?

  2. NB taxpayer says:

    My maritime “boomers” description would be more in the line of “apathetic utopians”.

    In other words, if we are a nice society instead of an economically competitive society, then we should be a successful society. That’s just not true on so many levels.

  3. K Austin says:

    A rather glib assessment of the prairies I think. Saskatchewan between 1992-2004 was a difficult place to make a living. The recent good times are well earned.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We’re not a nice society either. Maritimers are expert at eating their own. The niceness is “hello, how are you” superficial. And we are the least welcoming to outsiders of any region in Canada — Toronto included.

    I have lived in the Maritimes for more than 38 years now and am still labelled as the “guy from away”. It would be humorous except for the xenophobia that underpins this label.

    Am I wrongheaded in this assessment?

  5. Tbone says:

    Perhaps people are just reluctant to greet in a welcome manner a person who goes by the name of “anonymous” .

    Just kidding … sort of.

    I don’t think one person’s anecdotal experience with Maritimers should be used as basis for measuring our kindness or coldness. I think the stats that consistently show people from Atlanctic Canada as the most generous in Canada in terms in charitable donations speak to our compassion, if not our friendliness.

  6. Anonymous says:

    With the stupid slogan the province of New Brunswick recently adopted (showing we have to prove we are someone and that maybe we can), our image will be down the drain. The rest of the country will have a big laugh (and they already are).