Where do high tech investments go?

Here’s a good example of my point. My point about creating environments that are conducive to attract multinational investment.

These researchers found that companies are looking for strong technological environments in which to set up manufacturing and R&D activities.

So, think about New Brunswick saying it wants to grow its aerospace industry. Now look at the findings of this study.

What has the NB government done to build its technological capacity for this sector? Where are the research institutes? Where are the Masters and PhD programs in aerospace engineering? Where are the world class firms? How about suppliers of specialized materials? Industry associations? Technical conferences?

Nada. Nada. Nada.

They will do the same thing they have always done. They will create a brochure and then take a ‘mission’ to the Paris Air Show. Someone will be polite and they will come back and say the show was a huge success. Everyone will forget and get on with business.

Maybe we should just wait and hope that speculators find valuable, commercial deposits of minerals in Albert County. Because we have been ‘targeting’ aerospace for as long as I can remember and there is almost nothing here. The weakest aerospace industry in Canada and that includes PEI and NL.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Everyone will forget and get on with business.

    What business will that be exactly? Although I agree with the nada, nada, nada point however since this province is over run with schemes, agendas, programs, plans. In effect what can we expect if we judge these people on past performance. Lets take the self sufficiency agenda for example. The new gaming legislation is being touted as part of this self sufficiency scheme. From what I hear on TV and radio they are considering allowing A destination gaming facility. What will that earn on its own? Would it turn a profit of one million per week? You can do the math yourself. I can guarantee you that the 50% of profits being paid to the tax coffers will be far less by the time the casino owners tax people are finished.
    Where are these people coming from to use the casino? Take a look at the arrivals menu for our provincial airports. Its a very select club with NONE from Europe or Asia. Something needs to be addressed with that. I can see this becoming another disaster unless they back it up somewhere with gamblers who gamble properly.
    The same applies with the Green Energy scheme. How can we promote ourselves as a proponent of all things green when we are considering a second refinery, a gas pipeline through the center of Saint John. Uranium, potash and natural gas exploration for export and the total disregard for fuel consumption and energy waste in the home. Turning on machinery in Saint John at night so nobody sees the polluting smoke is not an environmentally friendly policy.
    Lets get real, its time to wake up to whats going on around us.

  2. mikel says:

    One more point, I was just at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto (which as usual has lots of displays from PEI and Nova Scotia but never anything from NB) and I was looking at some new college courses at various schools. One of the fastest growing faculties in architecture (which, again, New Brunswick doesn’t even have an architecture school) was sustainable housing.

    The ‘eastern ontario’ booth was almost completely dedicatad to this, primarily strawbale building, which is now huge in Ontario, yet although there is lots of hay in NB, I still can’t find ANY resources on it for NB and I’ve heard that NB insurers won’t even cover strawbale buildings. While ontario colleges are designing programs for sustainable development, NB still doesn’t even have a government willing to accept the notion.

    Notice that during the entire Saint John polytechnic debate, the only thing virtually never mentioned, was actual courses and curriculae. That’s what the province is up against, and the post above addresses that in more detail. However,as an important aside, at the elements website there are lots of people in NB who were anxious for information on such things, but don’t know how to get it (locally).