Keep perspective

I visited the Casa Loma while in Toronto over the weekend. I took a snapshot of a quote in a display. It sums up the ongoing tension between the role of the public and private sectors in the area of economic development.

This quote is regarding Sir Henry Pellatt who was a major industrialist during the early part of 20st century. The counterpoint to this quote is obvious. Pellatt got a 30 year monopoly to provide electric power to the City of Toronto.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If our current crop of business men were self-made entrepreneurs, you could very well accept this message as prescient.

    However, when the government favors the rights of large corporations far more than their own people, you’ve got a problem.

    When new crops of businessmen and entrepreneurs are forced either into shaky allegiances with or destruction by hereditary monopolies, the very lifeblood of progressive capitalism is destroyed.

    They call it the free market – but the only thing free about it is the money we pump into these globalist vacuums propping up the paper money we’ve inherited.

    The measure of a man should be more than numbers on a company balance sheet, the measure of a company should be more than the number of ones and zeros in a bank account.