Cranky on education

I heard another anecdote this week that drives me nuts. A guy I was sitting with at a kids event told me attends NBCC in Moncton. He said his professor proudly told them on the first day of class that graduates from this class were so high regarded they were getting jobs in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, etc. Don’t worry, he said we have a 99% employment rate.

That’s failure. For me, that’s not success. That’s failure.

I heard that Ubisoft was in the Miramichi doing a job fair for the animation graduates to go work in their Quebec city and Montreal animation development studios. 100% employment rate.

That’s failure. For me, that’s not success. That’s failure.

I talked recently with a guy involved with UdeM’s language translation program. He told me that almost all the kids coming out of that program were getting ‘great jobs’ in Ottawa.

That’s failure. For me, that’s not success. That’s failure.

What is the world coming to when our post-secondary system is not only exporting taxpayer funded graduates to other provinces, but our teachers are actually promoting it.

Here’s a little belated tip for the post-secondary commission. Stop farting around with nomenclature and look at the real problem. We need to attract and foster good jobs here and we need to have a great feeder system from our universities and colleges. If a few have to leave the province it should be a concern not celebrated by the teachers and promoted to the students.

If UdeM has an excellent language translation program then somebody should be out there attracting global players in language translation and localization. And don’t make a comment about other firms that are here in that business. This guy told me that in Ottawa, kids right out of school can make $20k more than if they take a job here. Something as specialized as language translation shouldn’t be about the cheapest wages. It should be about the quality of the worker.

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  1. nbt says:

    The constant berating of our region by the national newsp[apers doesn’t help. In the end, though I know many wouldn’t admit to doing it, the majority of NBers brag about how well their daughter or son is doing in central and western Canada. Not to mention, they buy into the ethos coming out of Toronto and Ottawa so, in turn, they give their siblings a nudge thinking that it the right thing to do. Talk about a defeatist way od going about things.

  2. David Campbell says:

    The forum you posted below doesn’t make a lot of sense. Something about Anglos packing their bags or something. I guess someone forgot to read the Census – Francophone N.B.ers are in steeper population decline than Anglos. As for distance learning. If it can be shown to work, why not at least in some instances. As for the Circle K ranch. Not sure your point and as for Lionsbridge – if it was a cruddy university – it’s a good thing it closed.

  3. David Campbell says:

    To the person calling me a liar, I will not publish your comments until you clean your language.

  4. Matthieu says:

    Regarding the “exodus” of N.B.-trained translators, I (obviously…) couldn’t agree more! What I find sad is that the Federal Translation Bureau has a big office right here in Moncton! Why is it that these young kids have to go to Ottawa to work for the same employer? Utter nonsense.