And so, it begins

The TJ is running a letter to the editor this morning calling for the twinning of the road from Saint John to Fredericton.

At some point, someone has got to do an opportunity cost here. Someone has got to say that if we put another $200 million in roads while cutting economic development spending – what’s the point?

It’s time to divert our scarce resources to where they are needed most.

It’s starting to become comical, actually. The feds will give the province money for everything except economic development.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are so right. We are suckers for taking the crumbs thrown at ACOA for ‘economic development’ that get recycled into infrastructure monies for highways, sewars, water treatment, tourism etc. We need sustained economic development support.

    At least pro rate the billions that have gone into the creation of the auto sector in Ontario or the aerospace sector in Quebec.

    That said, we have to drop the idea of having the feds support 10 or more ‘strategic sectors’ in 4 or 5 regions and a french and english version of each initiative. Look at the auto sector, it is concentrated in southern Ontario. The aerospace sector is concentrated in the Montreal area.

    Look in the mirror, recognize we have a small-town population, take the strings away (north-south, french-english, Moncton-Fredericton-Saint John, rural-urban), focus on one strategic sector and apply consistent and persistent pressure on the feds to support it like they have done in other provinces.

  2. nbt says:

    You know I’m the last one that thinks it’s a good idea to increase blind economic development funding, without specific industry targets, so that millions more can get funnelled through unaccountable networks such as the Enterprise NB without full scrutiny or even a productivity evaluation (other than the hard to obtain access-to-info requests of both BNB and ACOA transactons).

    On the other hand, however, you’re right in a sense that it makes no sense that the current provincial government cut the funding of BNB (it’s only true economic development arm) in half while keeping its old failed mandate intact, especially when the premiers office has (and is still) flirting with handing over millions of corporate welfare dollars for projects that have a historical guaranteed failure rate, not to mention, don’t even employ a single NBer.

    Sorry to be so negative, but it all doesn’t make much sense for a province that is trying to move away from politics as usual and towards possible self-sufficiency. I think someone in freddy should read your blog and figure out that it is more important to look to growing industries rather than throw around money blindly and continue to bail out declining industries that can’t cut it on a competitive global market.