East-west toll highway in Maine

This is a good initiative. I am sure that there will be “Toll Busters” trying to bring it down. I couldn’t believe the Atl. Provinces Trucking Association was griping about the ‘toll’ part of the highway.

It will save a trucker 4+ hours to get a load from the Maritimes to central Canada. At $150/hour – they could pay a few bucks for a toll?

I think that a fully government funded four lane highway such as this is a few millenia away (even though northeastern Maine has the distinction of being the poorest part of the entire USA). The reality is that U.S. geopolitics is similar to Canadian geopolitics. Northern Maine has very limited political power.

But this is a private sector led initiative.

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  1. NB taxpayer says:

    I’m not against road tolls as long as the net revenues are used to pay for road construction and
    maintenance, to support other modes of transport, and/or to reduce other distorting taxes. And as you said David, having less congestion and better roads will save truckers considerable time on their routes resulting in financial gain for drivers.

    Furthermore, Atl. Provinces Trucking Association shouldn’t be complaining as they’ve been treated well by the Harper government, in that, they can deduct 60 per cent of their meal costs for tax purposes this year. Not to mention, the deduction will level off at 80 per cent by 2011.

    Two good policies, especially since it means more money in the pockets of those truckers who tally up a huge meal expense on the road, not to mention, reduced costs on rig repairs and maintenance due to less time on the road. Frankly, it should be an easy sell.

  2. mikel says:

    This has nothing to do with Canada so the TA will have no say in the matter either way. The simple reason that it is a toll highway is because Maine doesn’t have the money to purchase the land from the landowners. It either gets done privately-or it doesn’t get done at all.