Lord to run McGill health care centre

Is there another Bernard Lord that we don’t know about? Did McGill hire the wrong guy? The TJ is running a story today that McGill recently hired the former premier to oversee its new health care institute for strategic analysis and innovation. The institute’s goal is to build a sustainable health care system. As a scholar-in-residence Lord will develop strategic papers on health care policy. He will also continue as a senior counsel at the McCarthy Tetrault law firm in Montreal.

Huh? Bernard Lord as a scholar on health care policy?

Here’s his track record:

-Under Lord, New Brunswick was only one of two provinces to rule out even looking at private health care options.

-Health care expenditures under Lord rose at a rate similar to Alberta, BC and Ontario – provinces that added hundreds of thousands in new population. In New Brunswick, the population stagnated. But the health care expenditures raised at roughly the same rate as fast growing population provinces.

-Under Lord there was almost no innovation – we are behind on nurse practitioners, teleheatlh, overhead consolidation, etc.

So, out of control health care spending relative to no population growth, virtually no innovation and completely against even looking at private options.

Sounds like an expert to me.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This proves the power of perception! Your summary is accurate but obviously, externally, he looked to be an effective leader else he would not have been perceived to have such potential as a Federal leader.

    Maybe that is the safe plan. Get elected, talk the good talk and get out before you can be held accountable. Alternatively, simply stop reporting on accountability measures such as the indicators in the prosperity plan (progress reporting mysteriously disappeared in favour of 5 in 5 when results looked poor).

    There is something to be said for big visions and positive talk. It took McKenna a long way; the difference is, McKenna actually delivered some results while making some tough, sometimes unpopular, decisions along the way.

    Quebec seems to have a strange liking for dead-end conservatives.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Iggy on the Iraq war as an academic/private citizen, Iggy on the war now that he has 20/20 hindsight and a party position to uphold. Very different circimstances which I think Lord could understand.

    As for Lord, under the circumstances (a province which doesn’t embrace change), he did a decent job at actually *reforming the NB healthcare system. Though he did pay the price up north and in the ‘chi. (may have ultimately cost him re-election as premier)

    *Health reforms that the liberals have done absolutely nothing to change I might add.

  3. David Campbell says:

    Politics does get in the way. Lord might actually have something to say on the health care file. However, I think it’s a little strange to go from his role as the matchmaker, dealmaker, corporate type at a stylish Montreal law firm to the head of a health care think tank (although he retains his position at the law firm). One suspects that McKenna would never have run a health care think tank. However, it could position him for federal politics.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting indeed. Just look who chairs the MUHC…