Dispatches from the road: NYC

I decided to bring the kids to NYC for an extra long weekend. I hadn’t been here in eight years and wanted to get back to see Ground Zero, et. al. If there is such thing as a global economy, than New York must be its hub and its exemplar. We saw a $250,000 toy in FAO Schwartz and a couple of blocks away, a couple of hundred people waiting in line at the local soup kitchen.

But it’s an amazing city – economically, culturally, ethnically. We heard at least eight different languages scrolling through the radio dial and ate lunch at an Italian restaurant in an Italian neighbourhood – the real deal – the owner still greets his guests in the language of the old country.

However, New York is made up of the world’s diaspora. And as I was travelling in the subway my mind was mulling how tiny little places like New Brunswick could benefit in some way from this economic juggernaut.

Then I just stumbled upon this. There’s a good overview of the East Coast Connected program here.

One guy calls it a “Brain Circulation” initiative rather than just the well known brain drain.

I think it makes some sense. I can’t seem to figure out who’s funding it, however.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Christopher Crowell is seeking corporate sponsorship to support the activities of East Coast Connected. It’s a great initiative, I hope some companies in this region (and in Central Canada) step up.

  2. Kit says:

    I found their “vision” diagram amusing. In the center sits Toronto with all the Maritime provinces and Nfld on the periphery with arrows pointing at Toronto the “Hub”.
    Could someone please tell me what has changed since Confederation and how this is any different?
    (other than a complete bailout on a “connecting railway” clause.)

  3. NB taxpayer says:

    I can’t seem to figure out who’s funding it, however.

    I don’t have any ATIP request on hand to verify my claim, but methinks they received some of our tax dollars via an ACOA handout. Nice to know that our money is being spent wisely, again.

    I could be wrong, but the words from the Honourable member from Pictou, to me, are a dead giveaway: “I would like to congratulate East Coast Connected (ECC) on its launch and its important mandate. In my time as a Minister and MP, I have seen the positive impact that Atlantic Canadians have made throughout their country and around the world. The greatest resource in the region is its people and their tremendous creativity and energy. The fact that ECC will highlight these talents and allow Atlantic Canadians to remain connected with their roots makes this an important initiative.”

    Remaining connected??? Huh? He should have said “Keeping in touch with ppl who will likely never return to Atlantic Canada”. Btw, last I looked, there are telephones and the internet for such things.