Come clean on Venezuela

As evidenced by my multiple posts on this issue, I am not at all happy with this whole Orimulsion resolution. I might be – if we had been given the whole picture – but with all the fog around this, I am downright skeptical.

Of course, my skepticism increases daily. Yesterday, News 91.9 every five minutes kept referring to the deal as a ‘windfall’ for taxpayers. Asking for $2.2 billion, getting $100 million cash and a ‘discount’ on oil seems hardly like a ‘windfall’. But if the Energy Minister calls it a windfall, journalists will say its a windfall.

Now, we find out that NB Power doesn’t even want the terms of the deal made public. From the TJ today:

NB Power spokeswoman Heather MacLean said there is a clause in the fuel supply agreement the utility signed as part of the settlement which binds NB Power to make “every reasonable effort to keep the terms of the agreement confidential.”


If it looks like crap. If it smells like crap. If it tastes like crap. It most likely is crap.

I could be wrong. It might just be chili.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Outrageous that NB Power opts for secrecy when they know they are subject to Right to Information, the EUB and questioning from a committee of MLAs. They should have told the Venezuelans that, unlike in their country, there’s a process of democratic accountability in this province, and secrecy couldn’t be part of the deal.

    On the other hand, they said they’re obligated to make “reasonable” attempts to keep it secret — not keep it secret absolutely. They can always argue if the Venezuelans back out that they did make “reasonable” efforts but were trumped by the law.

    And my understanding is the money has already been transferred to an N.B. bank account – so I’m not sure how Venezuela could get it back anyway.