War-torn nation of Atlantica

And so it begins. The Anti-Atlantica crowd were right. This is taken from an actual story in the Missouri-based Maryville Daily Forum:

In the war-torn nation of Atlantica, a nervous team of negotiators seeks to secure safe passage for personnel and supplies while attempting to inspect a detention camp for rebel prisoners.

The atmosphere is tense and suspicious. Uniformed soldiers cradle assault weapons while the negotiators try to strike a bargain with the tough-as-nails Atlantican commander.

Who is that tough-as-nails Atlantican commander? Is it Charles Leblanc? Or Scott the Sorry Centrist?

You will have to read the article to find out the conclusion.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t that a weird coincidence. On that subject though, its interesting to note that I did some research awhile back and some of those comments aren’t that far off track.

    There is a government program called ‘fasttrack’ or something like that where companies can ‘prearrange’ their border crossing which will be expedited if they are part of the program.

    So it seems to be the case that ‘Atlantica’ IS about the free movement of goods, the ‘who gives a *&^%’ movement of people. Tourists and others will still be held up til it becomes too much of a hassle, as locals increasingly are, but goods are travelling as fast as ever.