What can basketball tell us about economic development?

Not much but as I watched my daughter’s team crush their opponents today I was having some fun watching the opposing coach. He was frustrated, angry, hysterical, etc.

But as I watched his little hissy fit, I had a thought.

It’s relatively easy to coach a team of stars.

It’s hard to coach a team of under achievers.

New Brunswick, in terms of economic development, is like that team that got creamed today in basketball.

But a good coach, a few maturing players and a little luck and that basketball team will be back next year to kick a little arse.

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  1. scott says:

    Hey, I once played for New Brunswick’s Canada games basketball team back in the stone ages, and let me tell you, we got are arses handed to us by Ontario. A true David vs Goliath story. And yes David, David lost!!

    However, it wasn’t really a fair situation as they had more government money dedicated to gym bags and sweat suits than we did for the entire program. We had to pay our way to the national tournament for cripes sakes.

    Where was Francis McGuire then when you needed him, huh? I’m sure we could have used a few Reality Reports TJ articles to start the campfire on a cold summer day.