Strange bedfellows, indeed

I am kind of tickled pink to be listed on this blog roll. I can tell you that I don’t agree with many of the viewpoints in this broadcastnb site but I can tell you this. Of the guys/gals that I have butted heads with, most of them have a good heart and want to see a successful and prosperous New Brunswick.

I might even try the multimedia bit at some point.


That, undoubtedly, refers to me.

My secret agenda is to turn the whole group into Irving loving, AIMS’ subscribing cheer leaders for Atlantica. In fact, I am hopeful that at the next Atlantica conference, they will bust in with banners and placards…. in support of Atlantica!

Ooops. Just had my meds.

Maybe not.

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  1. Sorry Centrist says:

    Hey, I think anon has a lot of respect for your opinion and writings. So much so, s[he] changes there indentity just so they can tell you five or six times under a different name. Isn’t that right, Anon, er, Mikel, I mean hagrid. LOL!

  2. Mikel says:

    I commented on that before, the identity part is the fault of blog templates. I don’t bother with them because anybody reading anything I post can pretty much tell by my style. I usually just scribble something in there and it remembers it, then after about a month it will be empty for some reason and I can’t remember what was in there. I put my first name in, but immediately after somebody else started putting ‘Mike’ in theirs as well, so it seems being anonymous has yet another perk seldom mentioned. In retrospect I should have paid, and pay, more attention to that since that often seems a bone of contention.

    Actually Mr.Campbell is WAY off, the disclaimer is due to Charles and his penchant for, shall we say, ‘colourful’ language.

    I’ve posted many times in the past, and I will again, that I would love Mr.Campbell (yes, this means you) to do a weekly podcast. IN fact Alec Bruce as well. It’s all free, and ultimately you can even make cash off it since your views are pretty moderate and business friendly. That means an audio commercial can be stuck on at the front and end, even in the middle. Remember the old radio shows “we’ll be back right after I enjoy a smoke from Camel, mmmmm, that smoooooth taste….that won’t cause cancer…really!” I notice a fair number of ads at the blog, I’m sure any one of them would love ‘commercials’ at the cheap rate sure to be offered.

    Atlantica is about the only place where we disagree, and I’m convinced that that is because of ideology. As we’ve stated in the past, most people who endorse ‘atlantica’ don’t even endorse the ideas that the chief Atlantica proponents endorse. You or Bruce, I’m convinced, never even read the CCPA study, which has some pretty concrete stuff in there. Like all ‘ideas’ it always depends what is meant by ‘atlantica’.

    So far it seems BOTH sides have refused, or else the press has simply refused, to cover the actual policies at debate. Besides the two blogs I”d be VERY interested to know how much press this study got in the Irving media. I’ve never seen it mentioned, except out of context.

    I suspect that’s why AIMS put all that stuff about ‘union membership’ and ‘government workers’ in there as ‘problems’, simply because they knew how people would react and they could start calling them irrational protestors, since oddly enough in their actual studies they don’t even look at either of those. However, since the next meeting is in Halifax this year we’ll know whether people will support it by whether they are invited or not. We’ll see how many elected officials, non profit managers, co op representatives, and union spokespeople are INVITED. The people who protest are easily found, so protests can easily be allayed by a simple invitation. And the proof, as they say, will be in the pudding. Mmmmmm.pudding.

    And to refer to a past blog about Crowley, here’s a remark I came across:

    “In these circumstances, a federal gateway strategy that offered significant money, but only if all the disparate interests I have described were to agree on a strategy and priorities, would doom us to a long debilitating period of political in-fighting. The Atlantic Gateway strategy must not be based on a pot of money dangled in front of us with a right of veto for everyone. Ottawa has to think strategically about how to use its investments, not to provoke political battles, but to concentrate our minds on the prize to be won”

    Notice that he DOESN”T say that Ottawa should resolve that by NOT ‘offering a pot of money’ and staying out of the way of ‘free enterprise’ but that Ottawa should simply act unilaterally and endorse ONE policy at the expense of others. The ‘others’ here of course refers to the three other provinces.

    So again, Crowley’s personal views are irrelevant or inconsistent, if he does happen to be a free market ideologue he’s at least a realist enough to see that private investment WON”T drive this thing forward.

    However, if Ottawa were to say “we’ll put X dollars in for a 51% ownership stake”, then you’ll hear Crowley singing a FAR different tune.