Somebody send Volpe to Economic Development 101

I couldn’t believe. I read it in one of the local papers and I had to reread it.

Jeannot Volpe was accusing the Liberals of being too pro-big business. He went on to say that New Brunswick is about small business and that should be the focus.

I had to read it again.

Imagine a Tory leader in Ontario saying we don’t want the Toyotas, the bank headquarters, the aerospace firms. Imagine a Tory leader in Alberta saying we don’t want your multinational oil & gas investments. We are supporting our small businesses.

Only in New Brunswick could a Tory leader get away with it.

And we have the results to prove Volpe is dead right.

He cut small business taxes to the bone. He purposely diverted efforts to attract large scale industry here.

And what happened?

The number of small businesses actually declined in New Brunswick during the Tory rule. Job creation was second worse in Canada. Population decline became a fact of life.

And he’s still sticking to that same old line.

What a load of crap.

Consider the following question. Does the creation of 100 small businesses in the Miramichi lead to the attraction of a pulp mill or do you attract a pulp mill and that leads to the creation of 100 small businesses – suppliers, barbers, corner stores, consultants, sub-contractors, etc.?

The answer should be obvious.

Close to 99% of all New Brunswick firms derive the vast majority of their revenue inside New Brunswick. Serving local markets.

What New Brunswick’s small business community needs is a strong economy. That will lead to more small business start ups and job creation. And you get a strong economy by attracting investment capital in the form of multinational firms and in the form of capital investments into our fast growing SMEs. The NBSC is working on the second of those and BNB better darn sure be working on the first.

I know a bunch of Tories come by this blog once in a while. I’ve got a lot of respect for Scott, Spinks, and others. But if this young breed of Tories agrees with the current leadership and is critical of the almighty ‘big business’, I would be amazed.

The lack of investment capital flowing into New Brunswick and the inability and unwillingness of any of New Brunswick generated capital to stay in the province is at the heart of the economic malaise that has dominated New Brunswick for years.

Tories critical of big business. It’s even hard to type it.

Somebody please, please send Jeannot Volpe to Economic Development 101 up at the University of Waterloo or the IEDC in the states.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is all quite true and is the logical viewpoint on economic investment. Irelands economy, as is all others, was kickstarted by big business investment and now it is flourishing through entrepreneurial start ups that were a consequence of it and throiugh citizens who picked up the economic ball and ran with it.
    Having heard a few tales about the behaviour of the last government I am not so surprised at Volpes attitude. What concerns me most is that he is so convinced that he is correct. To the point that he openly criticises anyone with the correct opinion. What concerns me even more is that this man could conceivably return to power as Premier in the next election. The last thing this province needs is to be perceived as anti big business.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Come on people, geez, you guys are being as illogical and inconsistent as Volpe. And at least that’s Volpe’s job, he’s SUPPOSED to say down when the government says up, that’s what an opposition is for.

    Does the name Molson ring a bell? In what world is that a ‘small business’? How about Tembec, India’s largest family forestry company. How about Bennett Environmental? In case people aren’t sure, McCain is a BIG company. The other company now from ‘away’ is Irving, who have brought in Repsol in a deal that had every Tory minister and the government in figurative positions that I could only describe in words that would get me kicked off this blog.

    The tories were _________ for big business. Good lord people, they rewrote FIFTY YEARS of tax law back to the days before Louis Robichaud when big business didn’t even ask them to. Now there is precedence that has New Brunswick in the thirties. As I’ve said numerous times, they are SO accommodating to big business that even most big businesses are wary of them. I don’t have evidence of that, but it is common sense. Try getting Ubisoft to put thousands of people in the miramichi, most days you can’t even stand the smell! You think programmers who can work anywhere are going to live in cancer central?

    THAT is the joke, it may be true that they didn’t ‘go after’ specific corporations hard enough, but we don’t have knowledge of that. We know that Lord spent a lot of time giving talks to business communities elsewhere, he did a lot with Manitoba’s Premier.

    But to say that the Torys weren’t big business whores is the most revisionist statement I’ve ever seen at this blog. No other province would DREAM of going to the lengths to satisfy the big businesses of Tembec, Bennett, and Irving, which is to basically disregard the well being of New Brunswick citizens.

    So yes Volpe is being a lying prick, that’s three quarters of a politician’s job. I’m frankly amazed that this would surprise a college educated economic developer, guys right off the turnip truck would know that for what it is-a politician blowing hot air. If Volpe were Premier he’d be ‘assuming the position’ for any big company that was even contemplating coming to NB. And just go ask any small business just how ‘receptive’ the government actually is to their needs to know how much emphasis they put on ‘local businesses’.

  3. Paulin says:

    9.45 Anon is right (Please put a sig, anything). Volpe is like a dog from hell, he will shoot everything down from this governement and praise is old master like he was the second christ. He’s not going to be next leader so he’s doing the perfect job. The next leader will look like a freakin diplomat and a genius.