Riddle me this

What do you call an economy that is

a) losing population to out-migration at a record pace,

b) facing worker shortages in most areas of the province (including Miramichi and the North)


c) has an increasing number of people with EI claims (check the year over year stats)?

We have 31,000 people on EI in December and from the annualized data we know that around 100,000 collect EI at some point in a given year.

That doesn’t make much sense folks.

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  1. Scott says:

    The EI debate continues. However, off topic a bit, I’m sure many Maritimers who claim that we don’t get our fair share of the transfers (i.e. Fiscal imbalance arguement) didn’t realize that only 22 per cent of the GTA’s unemployed qualified for EI benefits wherein the rate is almost double that here.

    I guess this really isn’t an arguement against equilization per se, but more a point that in some regions the federal formula is over-equilizing. As well, wages, rents, etc. are significantly higher in Ontario than they are here, so you could argue that they require a higher level of per capita revenues to provide proper services to their citizens.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To rebut Scott a bit, keep in mind that in the GTA there is almost no reason to be collecting unemployment because there is little reason to be unemployed. That’s hardly the case in, say, Tracadie.

    However, its too bad somebody doesn’t have some connections or 5 grand, because I looked at those other tables and they provide a pretty extensive look at the UI recipients, so this wouldn’t be such a mystery.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A more thorough look at more recent date is available here