Quebec’s Aerospace Wants Its Share of Boeing Pie

I have blogged on this already but I continue to be amazed. The various aerospace interests in Quebec (government, industy association, unions) have been waging a public campaign to demand their ‘share’ of the new Boeing work. Their share being – depending on what source – as much as 60% of the value of the multi-billion dollar contract.

They have stated that these types of government contracts should be divided up based on market share. Quebec has 45% of the aerospace/defence industry in Canada therefore it expects at least that amount worth of the Boeing work.

But what troubles me about this, as I said before, is the literally billions of federal government dollars put into Quebec to prop up the aerospace/defence industry – to get it to the size it is today.

Now that it’s a certain size, it demands a ‘fair share’ of government contract work.

So, here’s the deal. I guess New Brunswick should demand for Quebec-style incentives from the Feds ($250 million for Pratt, $150 million recently for Bell Helicopters, goodness knows how much for Bombardier) use all that incentive money to build a large aerospace/defence sector and then demand its ‘fair share’ when these big, fat contracts come along.

Sounds about right, no?

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  1. MonctonLandlord says:

    Sales pitch could prevail.

    On TV (CTV news i think) pegges Altantic Canada’s potential share at 10%. Be ready, this is not a handout, this is contracts, are we ready to do a sales pitch?

    Does ACOA have a plan to pay marketing directors and sales gurus to market potential sales of metal shops, and other sub-contractors?

    Did anyone tell this to Shawn Graham, I am not convinced he reads the news.

    In parallel, who lobbies quebec companies for a piece of the piece. Sounds to me like a % of the 60% could be quite lucrative.

    In the end, it is all about sales and marketing – and lobbying, someting SME’s and Gov in NB, failed miserably to acheive success.

    For Shawn’s self-sufficiency to see the day, a NewNBCORP would have to be created, win a 50% stake in the Boeing contract, and this NewNBCORP would poach 75% of all employees at Pratt&Whitney relocate all of them to NB, and become a bigger corporation than Irving – can we see this in NB? Time to reflect on what need to be done to achieve this.

    I love the caricature in the Times & Transcript today, sums-it all up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let’s not be critical of PQ and instead learn from it. PQ targeted a sector and provided sustained support and a unified message making it easier for the federal government to support the aerospace sector.

    In NB, if the feds suggest spending a dollar, it initiates a major battle from every sector pitching their cause. Then there is a battle between Moncton, Saint John and Fredericton followed shortly by a battle between Northern NB and Southern NB and finally a battle between the French and the English. While we self destruct, they hand the support out to those that, at least on the surface, appear to be focused, unified, appreciative and able to produce results.

    Where would you invest? Let’s allow some focus. The energy sector is a good start. Let’s not be jealous of Saint John but supportive. Let’s be innovative and figure out how Fredericton can benefit by providing engineering services, Northern NB by providing construction services etc.