Need a few more ‘geeks’ in New Brunswick

I got an email from Geeks on Ice. Check it out:

I have a tentative commitement from SUN Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy to come play in the 2008 Geeks on Ice tournament. He also expressed interest in knowing more about our region. Not quite economic dev, but if I can lead him here, hopefully our “leaders” will answer the call.

I say put the Geeks on the payroll.

This is indeed economic development. Getting McNealy here and selling this province as an eager and willing place for IT development, is the best form of economic development.

For goodness sake, let McNealy’s team win! If you haven’t heard of ‘client pool’ – let me know. There must be a version of ‘client hockey’.

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  1. mikel says:

    That’s really excellent, and that’s the kind of ‘moxy’ that gets things done. Our question for Dave is, if we can get regular folks to accomplish that kind of potential economic development then what do we need government spending for?

    So what about getting fatkats or somebody doing an animation festival? What about Miramichi City hosting a national or international video game festival? I saw on 60 minutes a guy who played video games in tournaments FOR A LIVING!!

    Unfortunately I don’t see pond hockey getting Plaster Rock too many investments, but hell, at least the PM now knows it exists. I still remember the natives having a folk festival in Tobique years ago but couldn’t get anymore funding for it, even though Neil Young made an appearance.

    Since we’re actually talking about economic development initiatives, I was looking, but I can’t even find that New Brunswick has any savings bonds. With some expats talking about New Brunswick (check past blogs) then it makes sense that at the very least, if ex New Brunswickers can’t come home, then they can still invest.

    But don’t throw the game too easily, you want these guys to know your ‘competitive’:)

  2. MonctonLandlord says:

    I say ACOA should sponsor the tournament a good $100k could bring national focus to town. Best ROI in the history of ACOA.

    Good job geeks, we are proud.

  3. mikel says:

    SHAMELESS PLUG (sorry)

    You can check out the first in the series on the CCPA and AIMS studies of Atlantica at

  4. Geeks on Ice says:

    Thank you for the encouragment! It is a lot of work to plan an unique event like GOI. It is a testament to the dedication and “moxy” of our group of volunteers and the participation of the community that we are drawing the attention of world class technology organizations.

    We are encouraged by the international media coverage we are getting from our “little” hockey tournament and plan on working on a lasting relationship with Sun Microsystems as well as other big names.

    We will post updates to our website,, on a regular basis for updates on the event. The public is welcomed to participate by attending the games(free) and network with coolest bunch of hockey dorks in Canada come April.


    Trevor Macausland
    Geeks on Ice Founder