Lord goes to Montreal

This comes as no surprise.

It has been rumoured for months that Lord would end up in Montreal. Good for him. For a lot of ex-Premiers life after politics can be cruel and marginal. I hope he can craft a good career with the firm.

The only point that I will crab about is that Lord and a host of his cronies all said that he would find a job where he would ‘serve the people of New Brunswick’ – I think that was the exact term he used.

Now, migrating out of New Brunswick before the dust even settles may not fit this criteria.

But, who knows, he may advise corporate clients to move to New Brunswick. Or he may be prepping another national run from Montreal in which he would ‘serve New Brunswickers’.

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  1. Scott says:

    Why could he not have done all the above while remaining in Fredericton? A home base per say. Wouldn’t it look better if he demonstrated to NBers that you can move about this Globe and work while remaining right here in this province. Isn’t that a better signal to convey to ppl that are iffy about moving here? I mean, the world is getting smaller through technolgy anyway. Why move?

    Not to mention, I think it is far better for a former Premier to stay in the province and pay taxes. It sends a clear message that this region is priority #1.

    Again, it’s about setting a precedent that this is the best place in the world to bring up a family while continuing your professional career, like McKenna did. The fact that he worked in other parts of North America never stopped him from remaining loyal to NB, did it?

    I don’t know, I’m torn on this one because I am at a crossroads myself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How many thousands of times did we hear “the people of New Brunswick?”

    Care to speculate on how long it takes him to change to “the people of Quebec?”

  3. Phoff says:

    Er, from the link in the post, it seems that he will stay in NB after all.

    He says : “I chose McCarthy Tétrault because it’s such a great fit. I like the firm’s strong national platform and the opportunity it gives me to contribute to the whole firm’s top-tier client roster. I am also pleased to add that I will maintain my residence in New Brunswick and commute to McCarthy Tétrault’s offices across the country.”

    So, he may make his next run from NB and not from Montreal.

  4. David Campbell says:

    I read that about living here and working in Montreal. I think that’s a bit more smoke and mirrors. He’ll probably transition to Montreal but who knows. To paraphrase Scott, it is what it is. It would seem his best job opportunity was outside New Brunswick. One more in the long line of out-migrants. There are ex-New Brunswicker meetings in Toronto, I am told. Maybe there are in Montreal as well. Maybe Lord can socialize with exNBers in Montreal in their version of the Cool Camel and complain that they had to move out of New Brunswick because of a lack of opportunity.

    On second thought.


  5. Anonymous says:

    His best job opportunity was the job he had, namely a base salary of at least $60 grand,but maybe the almost $200 grand spoiled him somewhat. It does look very bad when even lawyers can’t find decent work. Didn’t he just bring in class action lawsuits? There should be a whole market opening up for him in NB!

  6. Scott says:

    From what I hear, and it’s a good source in Ottawa, is that McCarthy Tétrault is not all its cracked up to be.

    I think we [those who don’t do their research] sometimes get fooled into thinking, as easterners, if a firm is located in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal, it must be good. From my experience in Ontario, that definitely isn’t the case as there are many overhyped firms who do poor work.

    This is definitely no large private sector opportunity, nor is it an ambassadorship to France. However, they are paying his bi-weekly check. Not a big onefrom what I hear.

  7. Walter Law says:

    What a surprise? Remember the former premier touting about the wonderful economy in NB and the opportunities for all NB’ers. Now, not even the former premier can find a suitable job in NB. If only he had put some effort into improving the economy, creating decent opportunities for NB’ers; he might have been able to have landed a decent job in NB.