Decline of the American empire – mini rant


Between the Lou Dobbsification of America and the Bill O’Reilly as Culture Warrier, it’s no wonder more and more people inside and outside the USA are using this term (decline of America) or variations.

It’s become cool to act stupid. Watch reality TV. Listen to talk radio. Look broadly at pop culture these days.

Maybe I’m just becoming the dreaded old fart but I am increasingly baffled at the general level of discourse – mainly in the US but it always spills over the border north.

Maybe we need to rethink the notion of a border to keep some of America’s new ‘ideas’ out. They are worried about Mexican and Canadian people coming into their country. I’m increasingly worried about American ideas coming into ours.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its your own fault dude for watching idiot television. Fox is designed for people with the intellect of a 12 year old and it’s only ‘dummification’ if you actually watch the crap.

    The reality is that even with massive propaganda and media centralization the ratings of these giants are plummetting.

    Most of the kids I know who use the internet for scholastics on even a casual basis know facts and things I didn’t learn until I got out of university. Youtube is full of crap, but there’s also some gems, downloading documentaries is fairly common, and even producing them costs nothing but some time, and these are expanding at such a pace its hard to keep up with.

    Television is a dead medium, if you are still getting your news from there then like they say “if you look around the poker table and don’t see the mark-it’s you:)” If you hang around watching the idiot box you’ll quickly become one. Get high speed internet and get emule, bittorrent, go to youtube, etc. That’s where the next generation is getting their sources from, and while oldies talk about dummification, the reality is that that is a knee jerk reaction to the fact that the coming generation is much smarter than we are.

    This is especially obvious in the states. Just spend a few hours looking at blogs and organizations i n the states and you’ll quickly find out that what is sold to canadians as ‘american TV’ has virtually nothing to do with what is actually going on there.

    Just so you don’t get offended I’m not calling you stupid, just saying don’t judge a nation on their propaganda.