CCPA doesn’t think much of Atlantica


Objectivity is not very objective these days. But I guess at least we know where the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is coming from.

For such a presumptious name, you might think they would be serving up some actual good ‘policy alternatives’ instead of just crapping on every idea that people have for economic development in this region.

Tthe CCPA does propose some ‘alternatives’ but they are grounded firmly in paranoia and deep dislike and distrust of the Americans. It is truly the case that the CCPA builds all of its recommendations around that theme – nothing to do with economic and even social reality.

It is unbelievable that any serious and credible research organization would make claims such as Atlantica will lower wages and employment standards in the Maritime provinces. They have no credible even theoretical basis for this claim.

I am not the biggest fan of AIMS as you know if you read this blog with any frequency.

And I try to be as objective as I can about these things – whether you believe it or not – but these kinds of reports coming out of the CCPA, I believe could be extremely harmful to any hope of bringing this region back from the brink.

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  1. mike says:

    How was what they said not being objective? This stuff is all old news and has been said all over.

    In fact, I would think you’d be all over this, imagine the wealth in the province if the norwegian policy of keeping 85% of resource wealth that flows through the province.

    AIMS has actually come out and said all those things, and so far that’s all ‘atlantica’ is. The new refinery and ‘energy hub’ is all proof of that. Not to mention I don’t know ANYWHERE that anybody said what the value of any of these policies would be to New Brunswickers, except for the few that are mentioned in the CCPA.

    I didn’t see anything about american paranoia, the vast percentage of energy made in canada goes to the states, that’s pretty much fact. Virtually anything they say about the states is easily verifiable.

    So trying to lump them into some kind of anti american paranoia isn’t even close to being objective, I notice you don’t even mention a single one of the issues they talk about. Your bias is rearing is head:) I guess its that Virginian in ya:)

    In fact, this is another example of the media stranglehold in NB, since they operate pretty much on branch offices, and New Brunswick doesn’t have one, we don’t typically hear too much about New Brunswick. If some bloggers got together and signed up, then perhaps we’d see some valuable alternatives pointed out in NB.