Building capacity

I know I am going to step into ‘it’ with this one but I’m still going to put it on the table (again).

I just got back from a meeting with one of my clients. They are, in my opinion, one of the top and best managed economic development organizations in the Atlantic provinces.

They are crisp, professional, on message and very articulate. They also know their community inside and out. Put anyone of them in a corporate boardroom in Toronto and they would fit the part.

I couldn’t help myself. As we were chatting, I thought it would be nice to plop these guys/gals down in rural NB or NS or PEI or in other areas that are facing significant challenges.

We need to get top shelf economic developers where they are needed the most and we need to pay them top dollar if necessary to get them there. Then we need to give them the infrastructure and budgets to get things done.

Some of you will call me elitist. But I stick to my guns on this. You will pay a doctor a premium to go to northern NB but you will pay your economic developer less.

That’s not right.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You will pay a doctor a premium to go to northern NB but you will pay your economic developer less.

    This is the best quote yet. I just had that talk two nights ago. And yes, I am in Northern NB. Good talent would be glad to take on the ‘défi’ but not for less money.

  2. MonctonLandlord says:

    I agree too:

    Planning & Development Officer I-II (Truro)
    Salary Range: $35,055.54 +

    Job Title: SENIOR ECONOMIC OFFICERS (4 positions).
    Ministry: Economic Development and Trade
    Government of Ontario
    Salary: $83259 – $110076 / year. (Toronto)
    The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has established International Marketing Centres (IMCs) within Canadian diplomatic missions abroad. We are now seeking applicants for the position of Senior Economic Officer to establish and direct new IMCs in Beijing, Mexico City, and Paris, and to continue the work of the existing IMC in New Delhi.

    I really think that the oodles of money at ACOA could address this gap.

    Where is the new ACOA, with the new government?

    I still think it is easier to get a masters degree in economics and get $90k at ACOA, than to try and be an Econ Dev Agency and justify getting a committment for funding to get such a profile like that.