What’s up with PEI?

This makes 6-7 major announcements in the past couple of months:

Ceridian Canada to Establish Centre of Excellence on Prince Edward Island
Ceridian Canada, a leading human resources services company, will
establish a centre of excellence on Prince Edward Island to meet its growing
customer requirements for talent acquisition, payroll and other human
resources services. The new centre will be established in Charlottetown in May
2007. Ceridian will hire 40 employees during its first year and ramp up to 100
people within its first three years of operation.

Kodak expands health IT operations in Summerside
Kodak Canada is expanding its health-care information technology operations in Summerside and plans to create about 20 software engineering positions at the facility. The increase follows increased customer demand for software products from Kodak’s health group, the company said in a release. Kodak’s operations in Summerside operations are focused on the development and support of its radiology information system, which enable hospital radiology departments to maintain electronic records on patient exams, scheduling and other information.

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  1. Trevor says:

    Sweet! More teams for Geeks on Ice!!! 😉

  2. David Campbell says:

    Here’s another:

    P.E.I. company on the way to making Nintendo connection

  3. Geeks on Ice says:

    I heard it throught the grapevine. It’s great news for the region!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s called ‘having brains’. PEI sends out the proper message for corporations looking around for knowledge workers. PEI is aggressively looking for provincial ownership of utilities, and is putting more money into wind power.

    They also made news two years when they debated becoming the only ‘segment’ in North America to be GMO free in their crops.

    They have a hard time of it, Irving keeps buying up more land there and leasing it out. HOwever, the province is sending out the ‘signals’ that make it a desirable place to do business in the coming century.

    Meanwhile New Brunswick has massive pollution problems which are only getting worse, carte blanche for certain sectors of the economy which makes it impossible to help out others, division between north and south and english and french. Over at charles site somebody even got their ire up because a french post had the nerve to call it Saint Jean, and not Saint John!

    Those are REAL handicaps in the knowledge industry, when you’ve got your pick of any place in the world, those kinds of things make a big impact.

  5. Trevor M. says:

    I agree that we have an “image” problem in NB that needs to be addressed by communities and the province.

    With the exception of perhaps Saint John, where do we have a pollution problem in NB? (Not being a smart ass, just inquiring)

    I travel quite a bit and can tell you that NB is quite “green” compared to places like NY, LA, TO, London(UK), Detroit, New Jersey and etc… We have are issues, but every community and province has those.

  6. Anonymous says:

    There is a BIG difference between having pollution problems with a massive population and having pollution problems with a small and declining population.

    These are not ‘image’ problems that can be coated over, the pollution in NB is VERY visible. Not being a smartass here, but dude, come on! In Miramichi the stench is so overpowering you often cannot even go outdoors. For a city that was trying to copy Elliot Lake as a retirement mecca, poor air quality is not something that can be glossed over with a fancy brochure, one step in and your gagging.

    Pulp mill pollution is about as bad as it gets. Even in Fredericton there was often the stank of Nackawic, now that they are updating and changing products that may not be the case anymore. However, just drive through Edmunston or Campbellton on a dreary winter day -ugly ugly ugly. The stench and smoke pours out like Hamilton. Yet once again these don’t provide hardly any jobs relative to steel production-although we should mention that the feds prop up Hamilton every time the price of steel drops.

    The entire northeast of the province is a toxic waste, in fact they are told not even to grow anything there thanks to the massive pollution left by Noranda. Just to remind people that in other jurisdictions government would be sued since they knew all about it years ago yet didn’t tell anybody (sound like cigarette companies?)

    Now that Bennett is set up the potential not just for waste but hazardous waste and even radioactive waste is a very real possibility. Fortunately for people (though not employment) it seems Bennett is having trouble locating customers. Still no word yet on how much altogether the province put into that.

    Apart from the southeast, that pretty much covers the province, and depending on the wind they will get pollution from Nova Scotia’s mills or Saint John as well.

    As well that doesn’t cover other types of pollution, as mentioned elsewhere New Brunswick is virtually the only place remaining in the industrial world where they allow aerial spraying of pesticides. So any pollution that doesn’t get you from the mills is sure to get you from wind drift. That of course doesn’t even get into what MAY be happening at Base Gagetown, its not like they were advertising Agent Orange in the fifties and sixties.

    That also doesn’t count noise pollution in the woods which makes it impossible to run eco-tourism or build resorts.

    Most importantly that’s pollution of a different type and with serious environmental factors. As CBC recently reported Saint John has a much bigger pollution problem than other areas because the dense and frequent fog prevents pollutants from moving away. Take a look at a place like Sudbury Ontario where Inco increased the height of the smokestack. That means pollutants go further, it hurts areas further away but at least it is more diluted.

    That’s quite a list and a depressing one at that. Those are the kinds of problems that are tough to deal with, particularly when there are huge corporations behind them and one of them owns almost all the media and the population has an ingrained distrust of even the word ‘environmentalism’.

    At the very least in places where people are challenging these policies somebody looking at an area may think ‘ok, well at least something is going on’. But when you’ve got government and almost everybody cheering on massive new programs that will double pollution, that’s something thats hard to gloss over when potential investors say “what the hell is that stink?” If you were travelling the country representing a company and looking for new locales would YOU pick a place like that? Or would you go to Nova Scotia or PEI where they’ve at least accepted that these are dying industries and are attempting to clean up their act (relatively).

  7. recycleruss says:

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