Do New Brunswickers have low expectations?

So, it turns out that New Brunswickers are the most blissful in Canada according to a survey out this week. Al Hogan is thrilled to be sure. But notice the final comment in the quote below.

Feeling blue? Try moving to New Brunswick, where people rate themselves among the most blissful in the country, according to a new survey.

Quebec polling company L’Observateur partnered with communications consultants Chalifour to develop the survey, which scored indicators of contentment out of a possible 10, including health, family and friends, work, spirituality and sex. The results were released Wednesday.

Quebec communications consultant Pierre Coté designed the survey after being frustrated by the emphasis on money in Canadian politics.

….in New Brunswick, he says respondents rated spirituality higher than anyone else across the country, and seemed most content with their lives in the present. “New Brunswickers are much more open, enjoying their life the way it is. They like what they have,” Cote said.

New Brunswick’s general contentment is a paradox, he says, because the province has one of the worst-performing economies in the country and one of the lowest proportions of people earning very high incomes.

The province also has a high proportion of people who find it difficult to accept life and who worry about the future.

Despite all that, New Brunswickers are relentlessly optimistic, and the survey concludes the results have everything to do with the upbeat personalities of people who live here.

Coté says it also may have something to do with low expectations.

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0 Responses to Do New Brunswickers have low expectations?

  1. scott says:

    I think the words blissful, spirituality, content, contentment and optimistic should be replaced with apathy, apathetic and ennui, no?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Man how I hate polls, and the people who take them at face value. They talked to a total of 200 people per province. That’s .03% of the population! Not only that, the idiots are dumb enough to say that this is accurate 19 times out of 20.

    What the poll should say is that of the 200 people we talked to, 5% more in NB were happier than other provinces! Got news for you, that doesn’t mean much. One thing is does appear to mean is that a lot of academics are dumber than the average man in the street or they just love to wax poetic about society even when they’ve never talked to any actual people. If you actually believe this, I’ve got a smiling bridge to sell you cheap.