Moncton: The favourite son once again!

Don Mills postulated in the Acadie Nouvelle today that Moncton would make or break the election for either Lord or Graham. According to CRA, the Libs have a slight lead in Moncton.

So, get ready, Moncton. You will be lavished with promises and gravy over the next five days.

As if on cue, it already started.

Lord remains firm on commitments for Hub City
News 91.9
September 12, 2006 – 7:31 am
By: Allan Dearing

I’ve lived in Moncton for almost a decade now and I’ll tell you this much. Moncton has been asking for provincial support for its convention centre for 12 years. Moncton has been asking for Petitcodiac river support for 10 years (although this is not a unanimous issue).

The new courthouse? Haven’t seen it yet.

And of course near and dear to my heart, where are the jobs? The unemployment rate in Moncton is the highest of the three urban centres. Besides Molson and a couple of call centres, where has the industry development been over the past seven years?

But maybe Monctonians are a trusting sort of folk.

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0 Responses to Moncton: The favourite son once again!

  1. Anonymous says:

    No money for a convention centre, courthouse or river, but money for a sports arena?

    How much municipal infrastructure has ANY municipality recieved? Fredericton is just finally getting new government buildings to replace the fifty year old ones they currently use.

  2. David Campbell says:

    Now be nice. The Centennial Building is only 40 years old. And Moncton has gotten its fair share of the gravy train over the past seven years – just not in those areas that it has been pushing for.

  3. Cooker Boy says:

    I suspect they have been waiting to pull this ace out of their pocket… It’s time to bring in Uncle Stephen!

  4. scott says:


    Not a good strategy to be living and dying by the poll here on Tuesday. Remember, there is one last one to come out from Omnifacts Bristol. And surely you must know from reading thousands of statistics on New brunswick demogaphics that not many New Brunswickers could explain to you what the difference is between the CRA methodology and Omni’s Methodology.

    All they will remember is the last headline on friday. That is just human nature. so let’s not panic yet and see how it goes at the end of the week. Btw, does anyone know where Shawn taught? lol Sorry buddy had to do it.

  5. David Campbell says:

    As far as politics is concerned, I’m just watchin’ like everyone else. And I don’t mind you using my blog to rally the Tory troops. I’ve seen your meaty posts and you’ve got some good ideas and knowledge once a person gets beyond the political operative exterior.

    I hope you still post either way after Sept 18.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Polls can go either way as far as motivation are concerned. I’ve never understood that rationale that ‘people want to vote for a winner’. Who goes around bragging who they voted for?

    I’d love to get to the library and check out what polls said back in 1987! Or how about when COR came on the scene? Keep in mind that NB has a high voting population, and many will have no idea what the polls say or could care less.

    Just as likely what it will do is get people out to vote (depending on the riding). If the tories are ‘slightly ahead’ in polls, then many who would lean that way may take it for granted. And many liberals may be motivated to make sure they show up and not vote for NDP.

    In the end, the only poll that really counts is on monday.

  7. scott says:

    You’re right. There really is no middle ground during an election David. That is where the two frontrunners, who are going head to head, try campign to.

    After the 18th, it’s back to the slog.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a weird wild world wide web. I was just looking for the link for the Maritime Fishermans Union, and what popped up was New Brunswick’s Public Accounts. So I started to browse through it.

    For those of you ‘poll watchers’, one fact that I haven’t heard mentioned much is that the Bristol Group received $176,000 for supplying the government with its ‘services’.

    Now, people can claim that has nothing to do with anything, suuuuuuuure.

    Just to be on the fair side, I also noticed something of interest for the arguments about the federal governments paying for industry in Ontario (so that it doesn’t have to pay in other ways). It seems once again the political arena is a microcosm of Canada, I noticed that Micro Optics of Moncton received $5 million dollars last year. They employ almost 150 people now, and 5 million goes a long way to paying that salary. So there’s over a hundred people who will attest to the beneficience of Lord’s government, while the ‘have not’ areas of the province once again get screwed.

    Ya just never know what you’ll find out on the internet! Those public accounts are just a gold mine, I heartily encourage yous to check it out!