You have to feel a little sorry for Graham

Politics is a tough business at the best of times but when the only English language newspaper covering 1/3 of the province has a direct agenda to aggressively support your opposition’s platform at all costs, it makes things quite hard indeed.

I, of course, am talking about Al Hogan at the T&T and his unyielding and passionate support for Premier Lord.

Today’s We Say goes beyond the bounds of rational and thought provoking editorial and, once again, is planted squarely in the realm of political propaganda – quite literally as if it was written by the Premier’s Office itself.

Talking about S. Graham’s strategy to move a few Dept. of Energy jobs from Freddy Beach to Saint John, Al calls it “…crass political pandering” and systematically turns a benign policy position in to a Saint John vs. Fredericton issue and enflames age old frustrations between the cities in New Brunswick – all for transparent propaganda purposes.

Shame on Al Hogan for using such language and stirring up resentment where none is necessary.

Saint John officials have been lobbying government (including the Mayor, former PC cabinet minister Norm Macfarlane) for years to put a tiny amount of resources to supporting the energy cluster in Saint John. But this has fallen on deaf ears. Now Graham comes along with a very simple proposal (moving 0.00001% of the government jobs from Fred to SJ) meaning a small handful of jobs – directly related to Saint John’s most important industrial sector – and the T&T wants to blow it into a massive controversy.

When the Feds wanted to move jobs from Ottawa to the regions, Al was for this. When the provincial Libs want to put a tiny number of jobs directly in the market where the work is, Al calls it “…crass political pandering”.

Frankly, I’d like to see Shawn Graham win the election just to show Al Hogan that he can’t dictate who wins elections based on the We Say section of his newspaper. I would like to think that the average Moncton resident that reads that rag could see right through his motives, but maybe not.

If there is any cosmic justice in the world….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How about doing some door to door canvasing then? We could do up brochures and posters and get them around town. You could even advertise your blog (if you wanted).

    But actually, it shows readers just how biased Al is, especially during an election. I know a few other bloggers with political blogs, if a competing source of information were available, people would be less likely to go to the dead tree skin.

    The other point is that Al is right. It IS crass political pandering-it’s called ‘an election’. It’s ALL crass political pandering.

  2. Cooker Boy says:

    I do not feel sorry for the following reason. If his policies are credible, voters will see the validity of his ideas.

    Opposition to ideas will demonstrate how strong or realistic these strategies are. In the case of the energie policy, I find it to be a weak argument that the only problem the T&T “We Say” can find is moving 20 jobs from Freddy to SJ. If they can’t find holes in the reasoning for the policy or it’s cost, that shows to me and voters that the Liberal policy carries weight and has merit.

    For the record, real reporters would have reported on the suppossed estimated cost of $77 million/year for this policy and the est $1 Billion to convert Dal to Natural Gas. My question is this… Where are you getting the money to pay for this and Moose fencing?