Toys ‘R’nt’ Us

CBC is reporting on a new Stats Can report:

New Brunswick’s birth rate declined by 2.2 per cent between 2003-2004, according to a Statistics Canada report released Monday.

Leslie Geran, a Statistics Canada analyst, said young adults are moving to other provinces, which continues to drive down the province’s birth rate.

“People that are moving out generally are the ones who are in their most fertile years,” Geran said.

Since 1983, New Brunswick’s birth rate has fallen by 33 per cent.

Only Newfoundland and Labrador experienced larger declines.

Only Newfoundland. Well, true to form, at least New Brunswick is not dead last.

It must be the end of days. Even the Times & Transcript is reporting this story this morning.

Maybe it’s time to take care of one of my pet peeves. The government has a ‘Components of Growth’ page on their web site. This estimates population changes on an annual basis. I think it’s time to rename this ‘Component’s of Decline’.

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  1. David Campbell says:

    My older brother was one of those brothers that used to pick on his younger siblings. For example, I wasn’t a very good hockey player and when my much better older brother watched me play he used to say that the tune to the Dukes of Hazzard used to play in his head. You know the one, that twanging, cheezy, music.

    Well, that music plays in my head when I hear the province respond to all the bad economic news. Today, a ‘spokesperson’ for the province reacted to the new report showing that the birth rate has dropped to new record lows because of all the young women leaving New Brunswick by saying they will be issuing a ‘strategy’ soon.

    Strategy? Cripes, you had seven years. You knew about this problem every year. Now, you are coming out with a strategy? Like the strategy when it was published we were last in educational outcomes? Like the strategy when it was published we were last in R&D expenditures? Like immigration?

    Why is it government only acts after a problem becomes a public issue?

    Be clear about this. The New Brunswick government has known full well of our population problems. It has known for years. Yet, instead of doing anything about it, it chose to brag about the unemployment rate.

    What’s that saying about ‘reaping’ what you ‘sow’?