The Oracle of Fredericton

During the last two federal elections, one of the top blogs for political fodder was the Oracle of Ottawa.

I think we may now have our own Oracle of Fredericton.

Jacques Poitras’ speculation that Premier Lord has moved towards ‘universality’ in his policy development.

I speculated that this is entirely motivated by politics and the front page story in the TJ this AM, I think confirms my hunch.

Lord has announced he will reign in property tax increases – a subject near and dear to my heart. As you will know from reading this blog, property taxes collected by Jeannot Volpe have been skyrocketing in recent years due mostly to increases in property assessment.

Regardless of my grumblings, however; this is a perfect example of just another Tory political promise weighed heavily to middle and upper class voters.

Who pays the most property taxes? People with large houses and land/property owners.

Reigning in property assessment value increases will hardly help the working poor at all.

Universality is more about targeting the universe of voters with goodies and not about good policy development.

What’s next?

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0 Responses to The Oracle of Fredericton

  1. MonctonLandlord says:

    The election promise is to cap the increase at 3%, owner occupied assessments.

    What about scapping the extra tax the Provincial Government collects on non-owner occupied buildings (the only province that taxes seniors, students and citizens in appartment complexes). Don’t we pay enough municipal taxes on property? So why only cap the owner occupied homes?

    Speaking of caps, wouldn’t it be great if the government capped its own overall spending at 3% increase per year?

  2. to it and at it says:

    Someone should make a nice document with all Lord’s tax cuts, promised and actual, and mail it to Dalton McGuinty and/or Ralph Klein, who get to pay for them.