Nova Scotia reaches for the stars

Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity-A – My oh my, what a wonderful day.

I guess you could call this stepping outside the economic development box.

Cape Breton could become a launch pad for space shuttles, with the province giving land — and possibly money — to a company developing private space technology, Nova Scotia Business Inc. says.

I can just hear the sneers in Fredericton as they read this but I say go for gold guys.

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  1. Geeks on Ice says:

    Or you could say, Reach for the stars! 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some land and ‘some’ money. Thats’ at least the kind of news that gets people excited about an area. The biggest drawback in New Brunswick is its small investment in science, which is the biggest growth sector in the world.

    Here there are easy policy decisions: a medical school, more research labs, a clear emphasis on science in schools.

    And those are ‘relatively’ easy to do. I always remember the excellent science teachers that were around in elementary school, and then the TERRIBLE curricula that was offered at middle and high school, apparantly just to ‘weed out the ranks’.

    I’ve been reading a lot on this lately, and in fact most of the biggest scientific analysis is often done by non scientists. Bird counts, weather records, etc., all done by volunteers with zero interest from government.

    And not even knowing basic science has huge implications on just about every facet of life. The ontario newspapers even have science sections in them.

    This is the saddest thing about it, by narrowing reality so much so that people don’t even realize how amazing the world is around them and what limitless possibilities there are. I must admit that TOO much focus on economic issues has that effect as well. In reality, its NOT ‘the economy stupid’, its ‘life’.

    I’ll say it again, I think its criminal that Trent University does more research on fish than UNB does, when they aren’t even near a main body of water.

  3. Cooker Boy says:

    You bring up a good point Anon, we seem to be a “Safe” province. I suspect that’s why the govt tends to stick to the Irvings and big names for investment opts. Perhaps it because of our bootstrap culture, who knows? I think that’s exactly why we do need a rebranding of our province. Sometimes you need to take risks. Then again, if Hatfield had drawn GM(Safe) to NB instead of Bricklin(Risk), perhaps we’d be having a completely different discussion?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Again, you are assuming there is a ‘we’ in the equation. You or I or even Mr. Campbell have ZERO effect on policy, because we are not lobbyists and we are not politically active.

    Go check out the other thread where we look at federal tax credits in the maritimes. That’s not because our provincial government has decided that thats whats best for the people-thats because the Irvings and McCains have lobbyists up the wazoo.

    There are no ‘risks’ that are going to be taken. Take a look at the two parties, what ‘risks’ do you see in there?

    And theres a reason for that. The reason is quite simple and has been recognized as much as two centuries ago: “government is the shadow of big business” That’s it. Take a look at the last six years and ask who has benefitted from EVERY piece of legislation. Again, there is concrete evidence that a nationalized forest industry like India’s creates three to five times the employment. Workers aren’t benefitting from this latest giveaway, so who is? Well, of course the same people who benefit from government activity that lets them do their own environmental assessment of gas terminals, the same that benefit from returning provincial tax law to how it was forty years ago.

    The company that sells gas to the province at twice the market rate (not proven but was a CBC story two years ago), the same people who benefit from government expropriation of land to put gas lines so they don’t have to pay market rates for land.

    Do I really need to go on? The same people that see government jump to attention when a gas line is going into Maine right next to us. There is twenty times as much natural gas, and forty times as much oil flowing through the province as ten years ago yet most places in NB can’t even get natural gas in their homes.

    So don’t fool yourself, this isn’t your government ‘playing it safe’, this is government doing what it always has-meet the needs of its providers. If you really need to know who that is, just remember that half of Lord’s enormous salary comes from the party, and in New Brunswick, how many people can you think of that are donating that kind of dough?

  5. Cooker Boy says:

    Your assuming I’m not politically involved….:-P As for David, you also assume since many of the Libs policy on Economic Dev seem to reflect his worldview.

    That being said, a business can only contribute a max of $6000 to a provincial party. And I know for a fact that companies typically donate the same amount to the Libs and PC’s.

  6. David Campbell says:

    I’m not politically active if you mean working with either the Libs or the PCs. If they get some ideas from the blog, good for them but that goes for both sides. I’m not saying I wouldn’t get involved but I would be reluctant to work for anybody -especially volunteer work – that spends their time trying to mislead people.