Keep the faith (once we get it)

Just a quick reminder, fundamental economic change takes a time. But you have to start at some point.

Time Magazine cover of July 12, 1963, following the State visit of US President John F. Kennedy to Ireland – – Sean Lemass, Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) 1959-1966 who together with TK Whitaker and former Minister for Finance Gerard Sweetman (1954-1957), are the architects of the modern Irish economy

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0 Responses to Keep the faith (once we get it)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh get real. The European Union are the architects of the modern Irish economy.

  2. David Campbell says:

    No, you get real. It must be a partnership. Do you think Stephen Harper can ‘impose’ economic sucess on Atlantic Canada? Come on. Obviously the EU was key.

  3. scott says:

    This New Brunswick Leprechaun hopes we get it sooner rather than later.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes and no. It’s a pretty unequal partnership when one partner dictates the terms of it. The EU allowed Ireland to have lower taxes in order to spur investment and labour. That wasn’t up to Ireland, if they weren’t in the European Union Ireland would be even more of a backwater than Atlantic Canada-Britain would have made sure of that.

    In Canada there are over a hundred years of federal inactivity that this blog has basically proven have screwed over the area. There are things that can be done locally, but they are extremely few. As we see here, it seems the only power the province has is to either ‘get out and sell the place’ (which assumes they aren’t, and thats somewhat proven, but only somewhat), or to put money into economic development instead of health care and education.

    Those are mighty slim pickings. There are other things the province can do, but certainly not in a political climate where two or three families basically govern how business is done in an archaic electoral system.

    There shouldn’t be too much doubt that the government would LIKE to do all kinds of things. With Irving determining whether they are elected or not that’s not possible. The only way changes can be made politically, is by PEOPLE. If people don’t get involved politically, nothing happens-as New Brunswick is proof of.

    In fact there is considerable data that Ireland hasn’t used the EU beneficience particularly well, and you just have to look at irish out migration to see that, or visit the north side of the Liffey. When those EU perks head back to eastern europe, Ireland may end up right back where it started from.

    Although my ‘get real’ comment was certainly uncalled for. Sorry.