Keep it, Preston

Preston Manning has an editorial in the Globe & Mail this a.m. arguing that Alberta already gives enough to the rest of Canada. Any discussion of ‘redistributing’ the province’s petrodollars to correct fiscal imbalances is misguided, he says (can’t give you the link – it’s password protected).

He argues that Alberta’s success leads to wealth generation for a large number of Canadians right across the country.

Trades people, engineers and labourers are flocking to Fort McMurray from across Canada, including a large contingent from Newfoundland. Most of those workers pay Canadian taxes.
Many send a portion of their oil wages home to Corner Brook, Barrie or Moncton.

Preston, all due respect to the Sorry Centrist, but you can stuff your logic the same place you parked your political ambition. Taking our best tradespeople and having them send ‘cheques’ back to Atlantic Canada is nobody’s version of economic development.

Keep your friggin’ oil money you ungrateful boob. In 100 years, when your oil runs out, and New Brunswick is asked to send money out west, somebody will have a good memory. Somebody will whip out this editorial and say that Albertans should just move back east – we’ll see how you like it then.

Check that. I’ll be pushing weeds well in advance of that day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a question, assuming that the italics is Prestons quote. What does the sentence “Most of those workers pay canadian taxes” mean? You mean there are some that DON”T??

    It would be hard to get more money out of Alberta-possible but hard. What should be easier is to STOP FEDERAL SPENDING there. New Brunswickers helped pay to develop that oil, their taxes paid the initial investment when no oil companies would touch the place. Ottawa lets them get away with whatever they want, even ignores native claims.

    This ISN”T a claim of ‘we’re poor so you should help us’. CANADIANS developed that resource-not just albertans. Suing their meat processors (the american ones anyway) to get back some of that billion dollars canadians handed them for the mad cow fiasco is a next step. Then stopping all agricultural subsidies and federal spending in the province.

    If they aren’t going to share the spoils, we certainly shouldn’t be investing in them-like we did last time.