I’m not backing down on this one

It’s unanimous. Everyone including a lot of Liberals think Shawn Graham’s strategy to bring in some top talent from outside the province to reinvigorate the civil service is bad politics. Notice I said politics – most still say it may be good policy.

I read Lord’s comments and couldn’t believe it. In the Miramichi he speculated that Graham might bring in this ‘talent’ from ‘Nigeria’ and ‘Alabama’. Interesting choices for his silly smear job.

But here’s a little pop quiz for you.

What would be better for the people of New Brunswick. 1) Bringing in a few key top advisors from around the world that had achieved success elsewhere or 2) Hiring your Cool Camel drinkin’ buddies or folks with deep PC roots to run the most important organizations in government?

Interesting. Without sounding too condescending, I would rather have experienced leaders with vision and a wide world view than Bernie Lord’s buddies and political appointees.

But that’s just me.

Imagine if the chairman of Aliant or Royal Bank decided to appoint his drinkin’ buddy as President and CEO. The shareholders would revolt. However, if the chairman went out and found the best talent he could find even in Australia, the shareholders would applaud vigorously.

However, in New Brunswick, when it comes to the most important institution to our collective future, we apparently prefer drinkin’ buddies.

And that’s probably a major reason why we are at the bottom of the heap.

I stand by my comments. Bravo to Shawn for putting them out there.

I’ll bring you a bag lunch while you wait in line at the EI office on Sept. 19.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, how about some good economic development news for a change:

    Pumphouse blueberry Ale is now available in Ontario! Yes, that somewhat lesser known but far better quality brewer that isn’t on the taxpayer pogey has cracked the bigtime market! Sorry to post it here, but election stuff is taking over and this is some good economic news, which I think we agreed a little while ago should be out there.

    I do have a question, how often does this Moncton beersake get mentioned in the local press? One would hope a lot, but with Irving, well, nothing can be discounted.

    So for you Monctoners, head down to the Pumphouse and congratulate them on being the first beer exporter in….geez, how long? And don’t forget to ‘drink local’, and don’t drive.

    But back to the election, it seems odd for a guy who gives elected representatives zero power in the legislature to be bringing up the example of elected representaties having zero power if they bring in ‘outside talent’.

    As for the ‘good idea bad idea’ part of it. The simple answer is…it depends who they get and what they do!

    If, like a city I recently heard about, they hire a guy who turns out to be under indictment elsewhere for fraud, I’d say probably not so great an idea.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And hey, when Mrs. Dunsters starts exporting to bigtime markets then we really want to hear about it!

  3. David Campbell says:

    I have to admit a freaky love affair with Mrs. Dunsters. She has kept me company on many a lonely night…

  4. scott says:

    As you said, it’s terrible political strategy but possibly good in theory. Can you imagine any world leader who would follow this mantra ?? They would be political roadkill in a NY minute.

    I know you understand the economy and its issues like no other, but there is more than just political leadership and strategy during an election campaign — there is something called common sense and I think Graham better learn this ad nauseam or he will be toast before labour day weekend is even finished.

  5. The Virginian says:

    Shawn’s promisse to hire the brightest and the best talent to revamp the NB public service should have read as follows:

    The brightest and best talent that has left the province and get them home to help change the course of the province.
    It would have been more acceptable and a great shot at the PC government. A reninder of our brain drain.