Deconstructing ‘What Matters"

“We have tabled successive balanced budgets, all while making record investments in what matters: health and senior care, education, helping those in need, lower taxes for families and businesses, affordable energy, and fostering job creation and economic development in all regions of our great province.”
Bernard Lord, on launching the campaign

Successive balanced budgets on the back of massive increases in Equalization and federal transfers – both of which are in jeopardy come the next recession or if Daulton gets his way.

“Making record investments in what matters”
-Cutting Business New Brunswick’s budget
-“we’ve cut spending all areas except health care and education”
-small businesses – 7-8% decline in the number of small businesses since 2000

What matters? I guess only health care matters.

Maybe we should turn the province into one big nursing home.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    education- Still lowest in the country for spending per student, class sizes still much larger than other areas, no effort to retain rural schools

    helping those in need- you’ve got to be kidding me. This year, an election year, finally saw a tiny increase in welfare rates, which are also lowest in the country. All of those savings are being swallowed by power rate increases because there is no rent control. They did bring in the new tenants act, but anybody can see thats because of the lobby effort that was put on, it certainly wasn’t their idea or they would have done it long ago.

    lower taxes – what difference does it make if you lower somebody’s taxes, then suck it back through increases in property tax and power rate increases. I don’t know what the percentage increase has been in power rates over the last six years, but you can bet that it’s pretty close to the income tax reductions.

    affordable energy- going more into debt for lepreau, and of course those power rate increases, and correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t this the government that tried to privatize the energy sector?

    I think you have covered the other points well enough, and I guess the above doesn’t need to be said, but we can also add closing rural hospitals. The government also used to feature a website that shows waiting times, but now they’ve got it so well hidden I can’t find it anywhere.