Cut the crap

After wading through all the wonderful self-congratulatory praise (see the press release) for the 2005-2006 financial performance of New Brunswick, I got to page 55 of 56. There I found this:

Business New Brunswick actual expenses for 2005: $49.2M
Business New Brunswick actual expenses for 2006: $33.6M

Is there not one editor, journalist or commentator that will politely question the government as to why they find it necessary to reduce economic development expenditures when they are bragging about surpluses?

We are in population decline. 14 straight years of net out-migration. Non-oil exports are down $800 million since 2000. Forestry sector collapsing.

And their response is to cut economic development funding.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice! How about that economic statistics brochure I mentioned before to show New Brunswickers the facts? Wasn’t that a blog a while ago, all the stats you think were most important to get out to the electorate?

    If so, could you post it again, if not, how about one? There are people who will get it out there if you can’t, but you’re the best the province can offer for offering these types of statistics. I suspect that many electors will start roaming the net for objective news, perhaps a ‘fast facts’ series of info and charts right at the home page would be a good idea-or a link to one.