Bathurst-area mines to reopen, creating hundreds of jobs

This is good news.

A Montreal-based company is investing nearly $50 million and re-opening two mines in the Bathurst area. Blue Note Metals announced Wednesday that the mines in Restigouche and Caribou, which shut down 10 years ago, could be in full operation by 2007. They will be used to extract aluminum, zinc and copper.

You know I’m a big fan of New Brunswick actively and aggressively supporting the growth of new economy industries. But since there is no desire to do that, this old economy industry will be a big help in Northern New Brunswick.

Premier Lord said of the announcement: “With the job potential, this announcement is certainly in keeping with our government’s Five in Five Initiative goal of becoming Canada’s investment province, with the biggest decrease in the unemployment rate in Canada.”

Oooh, the Five in Five. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. The 10 year Prosperity Plan only lasted five years. Does this mean the Five in Five will only last 2.5 years? Then we’ll get the Two in Two plan which will be scrapped after one year. Then the One in One. You get the picture.

I just find these outrageous targets with no real funding behind them so – just plain silly. Lord wants NB to be the “Investment Province” but the budget for attracting investment has been cut dramatically. Lord wants us to be the ‘smart province’ with the greatest increase in people with post-secondary education. Just how is he going to do that?

Even Shawn Graham has worked into his language these GREAT BIG GOALS. Apparently, our alternate energy manufacturers will be the best in the world after the Liberals get in office. And we’ll go from ‘worst to first’ in education performance.

Quick, somebody find me a politician that wants us to be average. Now, we are at the bottom in North America (only NL and maybe PEI below us) for income levels, persons below the poverty line, dependance on EI, lack of R&D, lowest education levels within the workforce, etc. etc. etc. and our politicians love to tell us if they are elected New Brunswick will be elevated to the top of the world.

Promises, like the Prosperity Plan, that vanish into the wind…. like magic.

Average would be a nice goal, don’t ya think?

Maybe for New Brunswickers, the rhetoric is enough. Maybe we’ve collectively long since given up on big dreams for our province. Maybe just hearing our politicians talk gives us comfort. Maybe living in Al Hogan’s trace-like state is just good enough.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it interesting that this announcement came just as the election is about to begin. Notice that it COULD be in operation by 2007. So exactly why did the last mine close? I’m assuming there were some big giveaways as far as money and environmental regulations go.

    But I guess there’s no point being cynical about everything. I must say though that it sounds remarkably like somebody winning the lottery and saying “this is exactly how my investment strategy was supposed to work”

    Ever notice that when companies close or leave its ‘market forces’ and there’s ‘nothing we can do’. Yet wheneven new companies open up, we’re supposed to believe its all due to the government.

  2. Freddy Beach says:

    This is definately NOT a new development. From the government’s own review of New Brunswick’s mineral industry:

    “In October 2004 it was announced that a junior mining company, Forest Gate Resources Inc., had entered
    into negotiations with Breakwater with a view to purchasing the Caribou and Restigouche properties.

    Contingent on agreement with Breakwater and the securing of regulatory approvals, Forest Gate plans to reopen the two mines in 2006 under the management of a newly-formed subsidiary, Blue Note Metals Inc. “

    This is just a political PR photo op to make people think that the government is hard at work.

    Still it is a good and welcome investment and hopefully there will more more.

  3. scott says:

    Taking a few ideas from Bill Clinton’s 1998 “State of the Union” speech would be a good start. Then sell, sell, sell.

    For the record, not once did he bragg about being first in any category. He mostly noted the moderate changes in certain indicators from worst to average. Not ‘worst to first’.

    btw, we all know what happened to the US economy about a year after that speech. Let’s get realistic New Brunswick.